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Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Valor Legends Reroll Guide & Tier List – How to Reroll, How to Reset the game, what you should aim for and the Tier List

Complete tier list, HERE, also check the gift Code list

Valor Legends Reroll Guide & Tier List – Steps to Reroll

  1. Launch Valor Legends and select a server
  2. Click “Skip” in the main intro
  3. Complete the first 3 tutorial battles (claim rewards)
  4. Tap and hold the screen, click again in “Skip” (top-right)
  5. Play and level up heroes while finish stages 1 to 10
  6. Claim all rewards available (Gems, Books from the Vault, Starter Gift, Task list, and Mail menus); redeem Valor Legends codes to obtain more gems
  7. Go to main (Mainland) screen
  8. Use all caimed gems and books in the Summoning menu. If heroes aren’t to your liking, you must do reroll following next steps. If they are, move on to the final (Step 9).
    1. Tap your profile (top-left)
    2. Click “Account” button (it’s the first on the row).
    3. Tap “Switch Account”, then “Guest”.
    4. Tap the server select button and choose a new server or slot.
  9. Connect your Account game to bind your account to your email and social platforms.


It´s the fastest reroll method, so do it as many times as you want. Level up heroes should have no problem walking through Stage 1-10 on auto. When you through that barrier, Mainland screen is unlocked, so you can interact with it.

Don’t tap the “New Game” button; this just ties the current account to an email and saves it anyway. It won’t just delete an account and let you start fresh.

Repeat this process as many time as you want, just follow the complete list reroll process.

Valor Legends Reroll Guide – What you should aim for?

Lionel or Eric are the best characters, but any of the characters of this list are good choices

  • Lionel: Warrior – Forest – tank capable of surviving late game PVE rounds (Best)
  • Eric: Warrior – Legion – Better for PVP over PVE compared to Lionel (Best)
  • Olivia: Priest – Light – Her active heals every member & atack speed
  • Margaret: Priest – Undead – An amazing non L/S healer
  • Flora: Priest – Forest – periodically dispels all debuffs
  • Yulvyin: Mage – Shadow – Very high damage in most gamemodes
  • Garr: Assassin – Shadow – Strong AOE
  • Oche: Mage – Legion – Very high damage and great CC
  • Suvere: Priest – Shadow – immunity to an ally
  • Sinclair: Mage – Light – High ultimate skill damage
  • Cardelin: Warrior – Undead – Better for PVP over PVE Huge shields + Self sustain
  • Ramiel: Assassin – Undead – Good CC, immortality, some self-heal
  • Felix: Ranger – Light – Targets the backline with his Ult and reduces enemy ATK
  • Sellier: Ranger – Shadow – Great damage & good support

Apparently, Lionel or Eric are the best tanks characters in the game (Tier S) the easiest to get in the reroll. So if you get any of these, be satisfied

The ideal combination would be any of these characters along with any one more of the S Tier. But with any of the four you can start playing and you will have a very competitive team.

Valor Legends – How to Play?

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  • Exquisite graphic design! A visual feast especially built for you – exquisite and simple art style, high-quality rendered hero models allow you to dive into this vivid world.
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