Vampire Survivors Cheats Codes – Hidden character

Vampire Survivors Cheats Codes

Last Updated on 27 July, 2022

Vampire Survivors Cheats Codes – Some tricks (codes) easy and simple to use, they are cool. Gold and a hidden character

  • The secret character code: Exdash Exiviiq > x-x1viiq
  • secret gold code > Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right ESC ENTER
  • Unlock Il Molise > relaxenjoylife
  • Unlock Mortaccio and 2,800 Gold > Enter the Konami Code using the keyboard (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, Esc, Enter)
  • Unlock Arcanas > randomazzami
  • Unlock Health Boost for O’Sole Meeo > pet

Vampire Survivors Cheats Codes – Hidden Character

The Vampire Survivors Hidden Character, could be a good option if you have already tried the rest of the characters, so we encourage you to try them all, including the mysterious hidden character of Vampire Survivors.

The secret character code: Exdash Exiviiq > x-x1viiq

How to get Vampire Survivors Hidden Character: When you are in the main screen or home screen, you have the option of being able to enter codes, these codes unlock certain types of things. If when you are on the main screen you enter a code and you hear a feedback sound, it means that the code has been entered correctly.

The game Vampire Survivors is a very addictive game since the most important thing is to try to defeat the final bosses and for them you will get hordes of enemies, it is always cool to see how your heroes level up while you get stronger at the same time that your enemies also get stronger powerful.

Check this video from Youtuber “Just Ethan” (thanks for the video), if you dont know how to use the code

Vampire Survivors Cheats Codes – Gold

Another Vampire Survivors code that can help you, to play in a simpler and easier way is a code which you can receive some gold. So use the code as many time as you can do it.

Vampire Survivors Gold Cheat, Vampire Survivors secret gold code:

  • Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right ESC ENTER

You must type it as fast as you can.

Another extra secret code, but this is more difficult to use, since you will have to perform a key command:

We hope you enjoy with these codes.

If a new code comes out in the future, visit our website, as we assure you that we will be the first to have the code. But if you notice that we are missing any code, you can write to us or leave it in the comments, we will add the code and put your name in our credits.

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