Vampire Survivors How to Unlock Hyper Mode

Vampire Survivors How to Unlock Hyper Mode

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

Vampire Survivors How to Unlock Hyper Mode – Steps, Tips that will help you, and how to Unlock Hyper Mode

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Vampire Survivors How to Unlock Hyper Mode – Steps

For players who have mastered the game’s fundamentals, there is a secret challenge in Vampire Survivors. Only after reaching specific milestones will you able to access this Hyper mode. But how can you activate Hyper mode?

  1. You must endure for at least 30 minutes in the Mad Forest or Inlaid Library in order to unlock Hyper mode for those levels as well as Green Acres.
  2. By doing so, the levels Green Acres and Inlaid Library’s Mad Forest can be played in Hyper Mode.

You can use any character and weapon combination to do this. Death will spawn and charge the player at the 30 minute mark, killing you virtually instantaneously. Stage Completed will appear on the death screen, and you’ll also gain access to Hyper mode.

The Dairy Plant’s unlocking of Hyper mode follows a similar process. You must make it through 30 minutes on just the Dairy Plant level in order to unlock the Dairy Plant Hyper mode.

Every level has new background music, adjustments to make the stages considerably more challenging, such as faster enemies, in Hyper mode. Running in Hyper mode is helpful for farming the final few Power Ups because it produces more gold.

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