Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Crafting Guide – All Recipes (2024)

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Crafting

Last Updated on 5 April, 2024

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Crafting Guide – All Recipes or Combinations with their first ingredient, second ingredient and their crafting time

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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Crafting Recipes – <1 hour

  • Antidote (5 min): Poison & also Magic
  • Rope (5 min): Vine & also Vine
  • Dust (10 min): Earth & also Air
  • Mixed Herb (10 min): Grass & also Wheat Grass
  • Steam (10 min): Air & also Water
  • Ash (45 min): Fire & also Dust
  • Clay (45 min): Red Earth & also Water
  • Energy (45 min): Air & also Fire
  • Holiday Light (45 min): Glass & also Firefly
  • Oil (45 min): Coat & also Water
  • Silk (45 min): Web also Web
  • Stone (45 min): Lava & also Water

Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Crafting Recipes – >1 hour

  • Bacteria (2 Hours): Algae & also Water
  • Clay Brick (2 Hours): Clay & also Fire
  • Metal (2 Hours): Stone & also Fire
  • Potion (2 Hours): Magic & also Water
  • Fertilizer (4 Hours): Mixed Herb & also Earth
  • Flour (4 Hours): Wheat & also Stone
  • Cement (8 Hours): Stone & also Clay
  • Dough (8 Hours): Flour & also Water
  • Glass (8 Hours): Sand & also Fire
  • Limestone (8 Hours): Seashell & also Stone
  • Magic Concentrate (8 Hours): Magic & also Magic
  • Worm (8 Hours): Fertilizer & also Bacteria
  • Forge Bucket (10 Hours): Ceramic & also Clay
  • Jumping Potion (10 Hours): Magic Concentrate & also Air
  • Ceramic (12 Hours): Limestone & also Cement
  • Mini Eggs (12 Hours): Bacteria & also Pond Water
  • Sulfur (12 Hours): Fertilizer & also Limestone
  • Blue Butterfly (24 Hours): Blueberry & also Worm
  • Green Butterfly (24 Hours): Mixed Herb & also Worm
  • Orange Butterfly (24 Hours): Orange & also Worm
  • Red Butterfly (24 Hours): Strawberry & also Worm
  • Blue Glass (48 Hours): Blue Butterfly & also Glass
  • Red Glass (48 Hours): Red Butterfly & also Glass
  • Yellow Glass (48 Hours): Sulfur & also Glass
  • Planting Soil (10 Hours): Red Earth & also Moss
  • Hardened Glass (10 Hours): Glass & also Glass
  • Soft Pot (1 min 15 sec): Clay & also Hot Oven
  • Clay Pot (10 Hours): Soft Pot & also Fire
  • Fine Powder (5 Hours): Charcoal & also Salt Peter
  • Boom Powder (10 Hours): Fine Powder & also Sulfur
  • Boom Stick (10 Hours): Boom Powder & also Bamboo
  • Unpolished Mirror (10 Hours): Hardened Glass & also Clay
  • Paste (5 Hours): Dust & also Oil
  • Red Paint (10 Hours): Paste & also Rose
  • Blue Paint (10 Hours): Paste & also Blueberry
  • Green Paint (10 Hours): Paste & also Moss
  • Ore (48 Hours): Lava & also Earth

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  1. I have made flour and dough , but I still can’t make an Apple pie as it keeps saying that I need more ingredients, but I haven’t got a clue which ingredients I need.

    • well near the set of stairs near the coconut tree there is some rock type looking thing they will then take it to the oven but after that you have to make the ingrediants for the ruharb pie and i think you have to make a pot to but not really sure

  2. Once you plant the apple seed (after upgrading farming to level 2), the water will be drained out of the messy garden. You can then grow rhubarbs, blueberries, etc.

  3. Thank you! Some of these recipes are completely nonsensical and I would never have guessed them on my own.

    Like cement: In reality, you make mortar or what laypeople generally call “cement” (but it isn’t really – real cement, which is used to pour foundations, not glue bricks together, requires additional stuff to become waterproof) by mixing burned limestone (= quicklime) with water and sand, as anyone who has ever built a brick wall could tell you. But this game wants stone and clay, which makes no sense whatsoever.
    Similarly, I was trying ash + algae or limestone + algae which are combinations you can use as fertilizer in real life; and when that didn’t work, I was trying various combinations of worms or bacteria with the many different kinds of plant/food matter in order to make compost. I even tried making “magic earth” in case the game designers have never worked in a garden before and only know chemical liquid stuff for house plants like “Miracle Grow”. But the solution they programmed into the game is just random ingredients without any logic to it.

  4. I also want to know about the little tornados, I can catch it when I see one, but I seldom see one. I have kept my master gather on that beach for a half hour, but no tornado. It often appears just as you look in on your village, but seldom do I have a good gatherer around to catch it. How often does it appear?

  5. Where do your crafts go after you make them? I made the rope yet when I try to go down the crack earth it says I need rope . Where did my rope go and how do I access it?

  6. if u give the squirrel food to one of the villagers they Will give it to some squirrels ( the squirrels are in a tree you might see eyes appear every nown then )

  7. On Mars. Any idea what to do to get the items I need? (Kraken statue, fruit garden, item to finish forge, time, etc, etc.) This one is hard, yo.

  8. I play on PC, and have made it to level 2. I still cannot get the SALTPETER, I can see it and my people wont get it. I have also maxed out my crafting. HELP!

    • Craft mini eggs, take it out from crafting hut to pond, when it rains you’ll see snakes at the mini eggs, take a child and an adult there at the same time. The child will distract the snake and the adult will take the poison.

  9. I know this is an older post, however hopefully someone is checking that can help. I tried making magic concentrate for the jumping potion and it says magic and magic don’t mix and it failed. What do I do?!

  10. Maybe your crafting level is too low? magic+magic should give you magic concentrate and then that concentrate+air is the jumping potion

  11. Does anyone know if there is a crafting recipe guide for survival mode? more specifically for glow in the dark, I can’t figure out how to craft reinforced shovel

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