Best X4 Foundations Mods (2023)

Best X4 Foundations Mods

Last Updated on 6 September, 2023

Best X4 Foundations Mods – Star Wars, Sector Satellites, Learning All the Things, Crystal Finder, Cheat Menu, and other amazing mods for X4

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Best X4 Foundations Mods – Star Wars Mod

This X4: Foundations mod aims to bring the Star Wars Galaxy into the X4 universe, ships, locations, at the highest quality possible, giving you a chance to live the Star Wars universe where you explore, trade, fight, build and much more

Copy and paste contents of the zipped “X4 Foundations/extensions”folder into your “X4 Foundations/extensions” folder. If you did all correctlythere should be “starwarsmod_m1” folder in your “extensions” folder

Download X4 Foundations Star Wars Mod > Here

Best X4 Foundations Mods – Sector Satellites Mod

Allows satellites to pull prices from all stations in a sector, detect pirates, and alot more. Adds 4 more satellites, one with passive radar unless hostiles are closeby, an interdiction satellite, (Piracy!) and Survey Units that allow the player to discover hidden treasures or resources.

Download X4 Foundations Sector Satellites Mod > Here

Best X4 Foundations Mods – Learning All the Things Mod

Every playercontrolled npc has a chance to improve his skills every hour by up to 1 star. Now better balanced! Npcs seem to level a bit slow for my liking so i gave them a little incentive to learn some more. Every player controlled npc has a chance to improve his skills by 1 point (not star) every 20 minutes.
1 star equals 3 points, so the max points required for 5 stars are 15.

Download X4 Foundations Learning All the Things Mod > Here

Best X4 Foundations Mods – CrystalFinder Mod

The CrystalFinder supports the pilot in an optical way to find crystals. Adds glow around crystals, so you can find them more easily, the color is the same as the crystal itself. You don’t need to search for sparkles anymore, you can just fly around and harvest the crystals

Download X4 Foundations CrystalFinder Mod > Here

Best X4 Foundations Mods – Cheat Menu Mod


  1. jump
    After activation in the settings, in the map menu, set the navigation point, then jump.2、add ship
    Xenon I Unable to generate3、modify ship
    Modify ammo
    Delete Selected Ship
    Crew level
    Set cargo
    Set faction (only in Selected,you can set Selected faction. )4、modify station
    Crew level
    Delete Selected Station
    Add building resource
    Set cargo
    Add workforce and manager
    Set station faction (only in Selected,you can set Selected faction. )5、modify player
    Add money
    Modify faction
    Add inventory
    Spacesuit equipment
    Add blueprints > Add research > Add encyclopedia6、Global set
    reveal map
    scan all stations
    Chain scan(If you think scan all is excessively, you can use this.Scan one station)7、quick menu
    jump > quick Invincible for player.ship > quick set the target as a player faction > quick summoning subordinates

Download X4 Foundations Cheat Menu Mod > Here

Best X4 Foundations Mods – Increased Long Range Scanner Mod

Increases the scan range and speed of the long range scanner mode. Optionally makes locating lockboxes easier. Optionally increases purple ping duration

Download X4 Foundations Increased Long Range Scanner Mod > Here

Attack AI Tweaks Mod

All ships avoid high-risk enemies. (2) L and XL ships inch forward against high-risk targets. (3) L and XL ships withdraw from high-risk targets when their shields fall below 90%.

All ships move around high-risk enemies that are in their flight path. ( XS (except for drones), S, and M class ships will circle high-risk targets until they outnumber 75% of their targets’ turrets ( L and XL class ships, enroute to their targets, will stop short of their targets to prevent accidental kamikaze attacks.

Download X4 Foundations Attack AI Tweaks Mod > Here

Equipment Tooltips Mod

Adds tooltips to ship configuration equipment slots with relevant statistics.

Tooltips show statistics for:

  • engines
  • thrusters
  • shields
  • weapons
  • turrets

Hovering equipment item will also show comparison percentage difference with selected one.

Download X4 Foundations Equipment Tooltips Mod > Here

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