BDO Weekly Reset Time

BDO Weekly Reset Time

Last Updated on 1 December, 2022

BDO Daily and Weekly Reset Time – When you can start new missions, the countdown and tips to optimize your farming – Black Desert Online

BDO Weekly Reset Time

There is no global reset date or time in Black Desert Online, quests are reset 7 days after starting them. If for example you started the last quest on Thursday at 11:00 am, you will have new quests the following Thursday at 11:01.

You can check the countdown in the quest window, under recurring tab, at the bottom. And you can also check the exact moment the countdown starts, after starting the quest.


If your question is because you want to farm time stones as soon as possible, the first tip is obvious, do the quests as soon as possible so that the counter starts and the following quests are available sooner

You can start the weekly quest on your season character and swap to your main on regular servers and complete it. You can do them in a group/platoon as well.

Of course we recommend you keep an eye on the countdown, and even try to choose a time when you know that you will always be able to start the following quests. If, for example, you don’t have anything to do on Monday afternoon, try to adjust the quest reset to Monday afternoon, and thus you will have a fixed date for farming, without losing days or hours each week. Not having a good control over the schedules ends up implying that instead of farming every week, you end up farming every 8 or 9 days

So if you couldn’t find much information about it, you know why. There is no Weekly Reset date in Black Desert Online, as it happens in other games. It depends 100% on you, and when you start the quests. So the Weekly Reset is up to you. The truth is that we prefer that the dates be set by the game, because one day you can forget, but you don’t lose days or hours since the following week it will be the same time again. In Black Desert Online, you will need to be organized.

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