How Long does it take for a Pokestop to Reset?

How Long does it take for a Pokestop to Reset

Last Updated on 1 December, 2022

How Long does it take for a Pokestop to Reset – Daily Reset Time & Task Reset Time – Rewards, Catch, Spin of the day, coins and new tasks

How Long does it take for a Pokestop to Reset – Reset Time

Short Answer: 5 minutes reset time

Long Answer: Refresh time may vary slightly depending on your connection. But unless you have severe connection problems, a pokestop should never take more than 6 or 7 minutes to refresh. So if you find yourself near a pokestop and want to wait for it to cool down, take a walk, pick up items or pass the time as you want, and in a maximum of 7 minutes you should have it active again. And if you don’t have it, check your connection, you may have run out of data, or your WiFi doesn’t work

How Long does it take for a Pokestop to Reset – Task Reset Time

Short Answer: task reset at 00:00 AM local time per day

Long Answer: One job can be given by each PokéStop every day. Each PokéStop switches the task every day at 00:00 AM local time. A little icon appears in the upper right corner of the PokéStop’s Photo Disc view once the Trainer has finished that PokéStop’s daily job. No matter where you are in the world, the change of task will always be at 00:00 (at midnight) of the place, city or country where you are. Although it is true that in some parts of the world the daily resets do not all occur at the same time

  • Catch, spin of the day and coins: 00:00 AM local time per day
  • Task Reset: 01:00 AM local time per day

We have not been able to verify this theory, since in our case everything is updated at 00:00, but we have read some comments that in certain places this difference occurs. In any case, if at 00:00 it has not been updated, check at 01:00

Video Guide

In this Happi Gamer video you can check how with normal connection conditions, the cooldown or reset time of the pokestops is 50 minutes

Other Reset Times:

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