Best RPD Loadout COD Mobile (2023) – Attachments & Perks

Best RPD Loadout COD Mobile

Last Updated on 23 February, 2023

Best RPD Loadout COD Mobile – Best Attachments, Stat boost, Best Perks and how to unlock skins – Call of Duty Mobile

How to Unlock RPD: reach level 19

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Best RPD Loadout COD Mobile – Best Attachments

This is the best combination of attachments for the RPD in Call of Duty Mobile

  • Barrel: OWC Compact Barrel.
  • Stock: RTC Steady Stock.
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical.
  • Ammunition: 200 Round Belt.
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.

Stats with Attachments

And this is how the stats look after using the recommended attachments

  • Damage: 31
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Accuracy: 64
  • Mobility: 57
  • Range: 60
  • Controls: 43

The previous stats were:

  • Damage: 31
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Accuracy: 61
  • Mobility: 49
  • Range: 60
  • Controls: 47

With this combination of attachments you will be able to improve your Accuracy and Mobility

Best RPD Loadout COD Mobile – Best Perks

This is the best combination of Perks for the RPD in Call of Duty Mobile

  • To be Added soon

The selection of perks also aims to improve Controls, Recoil, Range and Speed

Sniper RPD Skins

Although they do not affect the performance of the weapon, we explain how to unlock all the available skins:

  • Ornamentation Skin: Summer’s Shadow Lucky Box
  • Aero Engine Skin: Sun-Sparked Crate
  • Piece Book Skin: Sun-Sparked Crate.
  • Yellowjacket Skin: Sword & Stinger Draw.
  • High Vis HulaSkin: Interstellar Paws Crate
  • Emerald Scales Skin: Season 5 Seasonal event: Get Cooked!
  • Stone Maze Skin: Caste in Blood Crate
  • Earthen Skin: S4 2022 Seasonal event: Flank and Shank
  • Wave Lord Skin: Beachcomber Crate.
  • Flare Skin: Dragon Jackal Lucky Box
  • Exit Glacier Skin: Season 11 Lucky Board
  • Ghostyard Skin: Shadow Lurker Bundle
  • Powder Bomb Skin: Amethyst Crate
  • Topograhpy Skin: Season 4 Lucky Board
  • Side Scale Skin: Warrior’s Path Leaderboard
  • Severed Skin: Season 3 Battle Pass Free Tier 31
  • Lingering Skin: Death Bringer Crate
  • Mainframe. Skin: Tactical Arsenal Crate
  • Snowblind Skin: Snow Day Season 13 Featured Event
  • Festive Skin: Snowy Slopes Crate.
  • Bronze Arrow Skin: Nailbiter Featured Event S12.
  • Alarm Skin: Seasonal Event: Take the Wheel S12.
  • Crackle Skin: Tactical Cutie Crate
  • Green Terror Skin: Prey and Predator Crate
  • Court Blue Skin: Darkly Divided Crate.
  • Taped Flecktarn Skin: Season 11 Ads Lucky Board.
  • Undergrowth Skin: Trailblazer Crate.
  • Pelt Skin: Season 10 Seasonal Event: Point Blank.
  • Carnivorous Skin: Season 10 Battle Pass Premium Tier 20.
  • Old News Skin: Death Bringer Crate
  • Urban Orange Skin: Credit Store of Season 9
  • Record Scratch Skin: Stashed Cache Crate
  • Grime Skin: Snake Bite Crate
  • Practical Joker Skin: Sweet Joke Draw
  • Arctic Digital Skin: Strange Together Seasonal event
  • Slate Skin: Brother in Arms Seasonal event
  • Desert Hax Skin: Death Bringer Crate
  • White Lies Skin: Silver Ghoul Crate
  • Yellow Camo Skin: Buired Treasure Crate
  • Brushed Green Skin: Emerald Steel Crate
  • Orbit Skin: The Void Draw
  • Mirage Skin: Dust to Dust Draw.
  • Copperhead Skin: Wild West Crate
  • Sandbox Skin: Wild West Crate
  • Cyberspace Skin: purchase Overcharge Bundle in Season 5.
  • Irradiated Amethyst Skin: Season 3 Battle Pass tier 50 free.
  • Meteors Skin: Celebration crate of Season 3
  • Jack Frost Skin: Holiday Draw
  • Jingle Bells Skin: Golden Crate
  • Werewolf Fighter Skin: Werewolf Weapon Crate
  • Maple Leaves Skin: Werewolf Weapon Crate
  • Fashion Purple Skin: Black Friday Crate

About RPD

RPD is one of the best Call of Duty Mobile weapons, we hope you like our recommended loadout and help you get the most out of this weapon

Fully automatic LMG, suitable for medium & long range firefights“— Description

The RPD is a mid to long range LMG. It has mediocre damage at close range, however the damage is still very high even at 40 meters range. It has mediocre rate of fire which allows it to have very comfortable recoil patterns, enabling it to engage long range fights with ease. As an LMG, it has abysmal sprint speed and extremely slow ADS speed.

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