Bless Unleashed Coupon Code – Full List Updated 2024

Bless Unleashed Coupon Code

Last Updated on 2 April, 2024

Bless Unleashed Coupon Code – MMORPG by Neowiz & Bandai – Updated list with all the valid codes, rewards, and expiration dates 

Bless Unleashed Coupon Code – Full List

Valid Coupon Codes

These are all the valid codes – code list:

  • 0TL7-2021-BUPC-XYAZ – Code Reward > Purple Dye x5 & White Dye x5

The first code came out in gratitude for the support received by the players during the first week of play. So hopefully it will be the first of many, and we will be here to keep you informed of the latest codes, we will add them to the list as soon as they come out.

Expired Coupon Codes

There are currently no expired codes

  • BUPC-SMAL-GIFT-2YOU – Code Reward > Increases Bless Pass Tier by 4 (Expires December 21)
  • BUPC-TOP8-THAN-KYOU – Code Reward > Increases Bless Pass Tier by 4 (Expires August 21)

Bless Unleashed Coupon Code – How to Redeem?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

  • Launch the game
  • Go to Lumena Shop
  • Click on Code, and then Enter Coupon code
  • Make sure to include the hyphen (“-“) and make sure to enter the coupon code in all caps
  • Enjoy the freebies!

Bless Unleashed Coupon Code – How to Play?

Bless Unleashed is the premier next-generation action MMORPG, coming first to Xbox One. Journey across a vibrant persistent world to take on — and survive — vicious, lethal monsters that inhabit this untamed landscape. Choose between one of five classic classes, each with its own combo-driven combat experience, handcrafted for online play. Gather your party to explore and survive a richly detailed world of dangerous beasts and divine secrets.

  • Stunning, Expansive – Explore a richly detailed open world, built in Unreal Engine 4. Party up with friends to explore, discover, and battle massive monsters.
  • Combo Driven Combat – Customize your own combos for an even more rewarding combat experience, where proper positioning can be the difference between success or death.
  • Pretty Dangerous – Defend yourself from massive dragons, giants, and other fantastical creatures even as danger from other players is always a threat.

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Other codes guides:

Bless Unleashed official site > here

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