R-Type Final 2 Passwords

R-Type Final 2 Passwords

Last Updated on 15 June, 2023

R-Type Final 2 Passwords – Some ships require a password, read on to find out all the passwords available so far

R-Type Final 2 Passwords – Full List

Number in R’s Museum – Ship Name – Password:

  • #3 R-9A3 LADYLOVE – Password: loveandpeace
  • #24 R-9B STRIDER – Password: granzella
  • #59 TP-3 Mr. HELI – Password: Ship not released yet
  • #100 R-100 CURTAIN CALL – Password: Ship not released yet

(enter the password in all lowercase)

Wait a few days for the #59 & #100 passwords

How to find passwords?

It is not easy at all, so the easiest thing is for you to stop by again when the 2 missing ships are available. Although if you want to search on your own, we inform you that the first password (loveandpeace) is found on the R-TYPE discord channel. While the second password was obtained by a Japanese player based on trial and error. Here you can see how he posted it on his twitter https://twitter.com/bandana5656/status/1387797953566298114. Although we obviously did not follow him on twitter, and we found out thanks to the discord channel

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