Donovar Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Skills, Weapons, Equipment and Abilities

donovar best builds in the diofield chronicle

Last Updated on 5 October, 2022

Donovar Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Read on to learn more about Donovar Sullion, his best abilities and physiques, early, mid and late game weapons, abilities, and more!

About Donovar Sullion

Donovar is essentially a hybrid tank and, like Zoruak, his abilities allow him to heal whenever he deals damage. Again, this is an extremely useful perk even if Donovar doesn’t have the same pure stats as Zoruak. However, Donovar is a great choice that can tank and deal massive area damage at the same time.

How To Recruit Donovar?

Donovar can be recruited after clearing the Chapter 2 Sub Quest, A Shield for the People.

Donovar Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Overall Skills

Axe of Grace

Offensive Skill

      • Deal damage to a target and recover HP based on the damage dealt. Inflict Provoke.

Deadly Chaser

Offensive Skill

      • Deal damage to target. Enchanted beasts take extra damage.

Heavy Smash

Offensive Skill

      • Fires a bullet that bounces from one enemy to another in the targeted area, inflicting Weakness.

Donovar Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Early, Mid and Late Weapons

Replica Axe – Early

    • Highly accessible early in the game with decent Attack
    • Has Shockwave and Heavy Smash as Active Skills

Rune Axe – Mid

    • The best affordable Axe before reaching Weapon Development Rank 5.
    • Has Shockwave and Deadly Chaser as Active Skills.

Chaos Axe – Late

    • Has the highest Attack out of all the Axes.
    • Addional 560 points to HP and 21 points to Technique
    • Has ShockwaveHeavy Smash and Deadly Chaser as Active Skills

Donovar Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Accessories

Accessory HP Atk Def Tec Lck
Emerald Bracelet 0 7 0 0 0
Bangle of Birth 0 15 0 0 0
Sprightly Shoes 500 0 0 0 0

Donovar Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Builds

This build allows Donovar to focus on offense without having to worry too much about healing and running out of EP due to his regenerative Character and Equipment Passives.

Weapons and Skills

Chaos Axe


Heavy Smash 

Deadly Chaser

Accessories and Passives

Bangle of Birth

Rude Health

Mind Ring


Character Abilities

Attack Boost

Knockback Nullification

Aggressive Healing

Donovar Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Abilities

Ability Description
Atack Boost Lv. 1: Attributes: Increases attack by 3.
Lv. 2: Attributes: Increases attack by 5.
Lv. 3: Attributes: Increases attack by 10.
Lv. 4: Attributes: Increases attack by 15.
Enhanced Aggressive Healing Deals extra damage equal to the amount healed
Aggresive Healing Recovers 5% of damage dealt as HP.

Donovar Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle –  All Characters Quest 

Chapter Quest Name Reward
Chapter 3 Mercenaries and Knights 2000 G
Chapter 4 The Ties of the Past Weight Heavy 5000 G

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