Dune Spice Wars Cheat Engine & Trainer (2024)

Dune Spice Wars Cheat Engine

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Dune Spice Wars Cheat Engine & Trainer – The best trainer to get Unlimited Unit HP, Instant Kill, Max Relation Level, Set Hegemony and more

The Shiro Games game does not feature console commands or in-game cheats. If you want cheats you will have to resort to a trainer, Cheat Engine or mods, and in this guide we are going to show you the best that currently exist

Dune Spice Wars Cheat Engine & Trainer – Best Cheat Engine

Download the Cheat Engine & Trainer > Here

Perhaps some additional function is missing, but as you can see, it is the most important. There are 6 cheats with which your experience in the game will change completely:

  • Unlimited Unit HP
  • Instant Kill
  • Game Speed
  • Huge Solari Plus
  • Set Hegemony
  • Max Relation Level

The official video of WeMod, in which the creators of Mods show us all the functions of their work, so we recommend you check it out to take advantage of the trainer

As you can see there are functions like Unlimited Unit HP, Huge Solari Plus, Max Relation Level or Instant Kill that you can activate or deactivate, and others like Set Hegemony or Game Speed ​​in which you can choose the value you want.

How to Install the Trainer?

These are the steps to install the trainer:

  • At the beginning of the previous section you have the direct download link for WeMod
  • Once you have downloaded the file try to open it and then click on Install Now

Compatibility: The WeMod Trainer or Mod is only available for Windows PC, you need Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7

About Dune Spice Wars

A 4X real-time strategy game from the developers of the critically acclaimed Northgard. Set in Frank Herbert’s groundbreaking Dune universe, you must lead your faction and battle for control and dominance over the harsh desert planet of Arrakis.

Spice is the most valuable resource in the universe. The spice extends life, expands consciousness, and makes interstellar travel possible. Found only on Arrakis, it is sought by the most influential forces in the universe. Play as one of several factions, including House Atreides, House Harkonnen, the Smugglers, and the native Fremen, and compete for power over Dune and the spice.

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