Farming Simulator 17 Money Cheat

Farming Simulator 17 Money Cheat

Last Updated on 18 May, 2022

Wellcome to our Farming Simulator 17 Money Cheat, where will provide you the steps to become as rich as you want in the game.

Farming Simulator 17 Money Cheat – a Cheat?

Dont worry, is a cheat, but you wont be banned, you dont need to download anything, it is not a mod, and of course nothing dangerous. You just need to edit one file, and it wont take you more than 5 minutes to be as rich as you want.

If you are already playing Farming Simulator 19, the cheat works very simillar, but we also have a Farming simulator 19 guide for the cheat.

Farming Simulator 17 Money Cheat – Steps

You just need to find the file and the line to edit inside the file:

1- Start the game, create one Carrier game (if you already have one, dont create anything, and close the game

2- Look for the file careerSavegame.xml in C:\Users\{NAME}\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2017\savegame{1-100}

3- Open the file careerSavegame.xml with notepad (right click with your mouse)

4- Find the line of money, it looks like <money> xxxx </money>, where xxxx is the amount of money you have in your Carrier Game. If you dont find de line, CTRL + F and tipe “<money>”

5- Change “xxxx”, type the amount of money you want to have. You can simply add two or three “zeros” if you want.

6- Save and close the file careerSavegame.xml, start the game again and check your bank balance. The amount you typed in the previous step should be in your bank balance now

Of course it was just an example, you can type the amount you want, and you can also edit the file as many times as you want. So basically using this cheat will provide you unlimited money and you will never need to worry about money again.

Video Guide

You can also check this video tutorial with screenshots if you dont find the file or the line.

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