Phasmophobia Money Cheat

Phasmophobia Money Cheat

Last Updated on 1 September, 2023

Phasmophobia Money Cheat – The best trainer to get infinite money, and many other cheats that you will love

There is no cheat within the game that allows you to get money, you will have to resort to mods or trainers, but the good news is that there is a very good one and it has been working quite well for a long time

Phasmophobia Money Cheat – Trainer & Mod Menu

Download the Mod & Trainer > Here

We don’t know of any mod menu or trainer that only serves to get money, but we do know one that in addition to money has 20 other cheats, here you can see them all:

  • Money (of course)
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Super Walking Speed
  • Super Running Speed
  • Reveal Player Location
  • Player Location
  • Ghost Always Visible
  • Disable Ghost
  • Reveal Ghost Type
  • Ghost Type
  • Reveal Ghost favorite Room
  • Reveal Ghost Location
  • Ghost Location
  • Experience Multiplier
  • Maximum Sanity
  • Freeze Current Sanity
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Unlimited Salt
  • Strong Flashlight
  • Game Speed

In case you don’t have an idea of ​​the scope of each of these cheats, we leave you this video where you can see them in action. Some that might seem insignificant, like the strong flashlight, is amazing, so pay attention

It is your decision to use all the cheats or not, keep in mind that if you combine several, such as unlimited stamina, super walking speed… the game will become much easier and you can damage your playing experience

How to Install the Trainer?

These are the steps to install the trainer:

  • We leave you the link at the beginning of this article, access the WeMod website and click on Download for Windows
  • Once you have downloaded the file try to open it and then click on Install Now

As you will see, it is super simple, like all WeMod trainers and mods, they are very prepared so that you can install them in a couple of minutes.

Compatibility: The WeMod Trainer or Mod is only available for Windows PC and supports Steam, you need Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7

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