Fallout Shelter Online Tier List – Best Characters

Fallout Shelter Online Tier List best characters

Last Updated on 1 January, 2024

Wellcome to the unofficial Fallout Shelter Online Tier List, the best Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D, and PvE / PvP / Boss Mode Characters.

Fallout Shelter Online Tier List – PvP Mode

The player-versus-player (PvP) combat mode pits players against one another in an arena. Players are free to utilize any of the in-game items and skills that they have unlocked in this mode. Being the last person standing or outscoring the opposing team in a set period of time are the objectives of the PvP mode.

Tier Character
S Danse, Father, Sarah, Dr Zimmer, Piper, Mother Isolde
A Kellogg, Antagonizer, Curie, Cait, Nick
B Madison, Maxson, Z2-47, Kells, XPN-20A
C Ingram, Alien, Zeke, Tom
D Jack, Miss Bobbie, Cross, Deacon

Fallout Shelter Online Tier List – PvE Mode

Players cooperate to combat enemies that are controlled by a computer in PvE Mode. Players that prefer to play at their own pace and collaborate with others will really enjoy this option. All players, regardless of skill level, can participate in PvE.

S Danse, Cait, Sarah, Kellogg, Mother Isolde
A Father, Nick, Dr Zimmer, Piper, Madison, Antagonizer, Maxson
B Alien, Z2-47, Curie
C Miss Bobbie, Kells, Deacon, Zeke, XPN-20A
D Tom, Cross, Jack, Ingram

Fallout Shelter Online Tier List – Boss Mode

Fallout Shelter has a fascinating game option called The Boss that offers a considerably tougher challenge than the main game. You’ll need to be ready for a protracted, difficult battle to survive in this level because Raiders are going to be tougher and more numerous.

Tier Character
S Piper, Sarah, Maxson, Madison, Antagonizer
A Father, Dr Zimmer, Danse, Nick, Cait, Mother Isolde, Alien
B Zeke, Tom, Curie, Ingram, kellogg
C Z2-47, Miss Bobbie, Deacon, XPN-20A
D Kells, Cross, Jack

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