Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List – Best Characters

Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List

Last Updated on 1 December, 2023

Wellcome to the unofficial Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List, all the characters ranked from Tier S (The best of the best) to Tier D (the worst of the game)

Tier S – The Best Characters

These are the best characters of the game, the best of the best, absolutely overpowered, you will enjoy all these Tier S characters:

  • Sophia [May My Prayers Reach You] (SS Grade Style – Role: Healer) – Perks: Heals and also Reduces Target’s STR
  • Ginny [I’m Ginny Knights] (SS Grade Style – Role: Debuffer) – Perks: Reduces enemy’s defense, speed and also strength
  • Gustave [Onward, into Battle] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Cat [This Cat Has Claws] (SS Grade Style – Role: Jammer)
  • Azami [Light Armor is Important] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Blue [Fated Mage] (SS Grade Style – Role: Jammer)

Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List – Tier A

Tier A characters are still overpowered, maybe not as good as tier S characters, but still great choices

  • Katarina [Leave this to Me] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker) – Perks: Ranged Slash Attack and also Reduces Target’s speed
  • Ellen [You Stay Quiet] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker) – Perks: Plant effect and also slash attacks
  • Alkaiser [Alkaiser’s On the Scene] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker) – Perks: Self healing, restores BP and also Singel attack skill
  • Urpina [The power of House Julanius] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Albert [Legendary Knight] (SS Grade Style – Role: Defender)
  • Aisha [Come to me, Buttlerflies] (SS Grade Style – Role: Jammer)
  • AWE [Salamander Pride] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Undine [Genbu Arts Specialist]

Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List – Tier B

Tier B are average characters, just pick them if you really want, because they are clearly worse than tier S and tier A characters

  • Charl [Shucho Arts User] (SS Grade Style – Role: Jammer) – Perks: Attacks skills, also stuns the target
  • Monika [Hi There, I’m Monica] (SS Grade Style – Role: Defender) – Perks: Stuns the target and also reduces the damage taken
  • Gray [Seeker of the Blade’s Truth] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Barbara [Catch my Rose] (SS Grade Style – Role: Jammer)
  • Gerard [A Successor’s Revolve] (SS Grade Style – Role: Defender)
  • Emerald [Seeking Mastery of Fire] (SS Grade Style – Role: Support)
  • Hector [Selfish Merc] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Robin [I Have the Guts] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Claudia [Heartbreaker]
  • Katarina [Masquerade]
  • Gustave [Gustave the Steel]
  • Ginny [Anima of the Forest]
  • Gray [Wandering Adventurer]
  • Diana [Rose Knight Rush]
  • Leon [Who Am I]
  • Mariah [The Sea is my Friend]
  • Leonid [Defender of the Holy Grail]
  • Henri [Prince of Escata]

Romancing Saga Re univerSe Tier List – Tier C

Tier C characters are not a good choice, they are really underpowered

  • Monika [Sister of the Marquis]
  • Wil [Tycoon in His Youth] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Ellen [Nothing Like a good axe]
  • Albert [Left Handed Warrior]
  • Thomas [For Loanne] (SS Grade Style – Role: Jammer)
  • Terry [Great Plains Free Spirit] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Mikhail [I Will Protect My Kingdom] (SS Grade Style – Role: Attacker)
  • Jamil [The Phantom Thief Strikes]
  • Hawke [Captain Hawke]
  • Aisha [Winter Gives Way to Spring]
  • Barbara [Pasionate Dancer]
  • Myriam [Fire Mage Life]
  • Gerard [These Aren’t Pajamas]
  • Guella Ha [Where Shall We Go]
  • Victor [You Coward]
  • Charl [Silver Glove Inheritor]
  • Julian [Say Hi to My Fist]
  • Black [The Treasure’s All Mine]

Tier D – The Worst Characters

The worst of the worst, avoid them at any cost:

  • Wallenstein [I will protect the emperor]
  • Gen [Swordsman Nobushige Genjiro]
  • Johan [Sting of the Scorpion]
  • Riki [I am looking for the Rings]
  • Laura [I am laura the sea wolf]
  • Robin [I have the guts]
  • Robin [No Evil Will Go Unpunished]
  • Rich [I will protect my family]
  • Volcano [I will Glady work with you]
  • Windie [The Sky is my world]
  • Annie [You must have a death wish]

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