One Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0 Tier List

One Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0 Tier List best characters

Last Updated on 3 April, 2024

Welcome to the unofficial One Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0 Tier List, all the characters ranked from Tier SS (The best of the best) to Tier C (the worst of the game)

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Tier SS – The Best Characters

Tier SS are the best of the best characters

  • Terrible Tornado Group Attack and also Buff, Phychic + Tactical
  • Old World Boros
  • Bloodthirsty Garou 
  • Goketsu
  • Gale Wind
  • Handsom Kamen Amai Mask – Valentine’s Day
  • King Music Festival Edition
  • Suiryu
  • Ganriki
  • Terrible Tornado Ice Festival Edition
  • Melzargard Tank and also Burst Damage, Psychic + Fearless
  • Watchdog Man – Ice Festival Edition

One Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0 Tier List – Tier S

Tier S are very overpowered characters

  • Mosquito Girl Group Attack and also Tank, Psychic + Agile
  • Golden Ball Group Attack and also Burst Damage, Weapon + Tactical
  • Zombieman Complete + Agile
  • T4 Hi tech + Agile
  • King Complete + Tactical
  • Genos DPS and also Buffer, Hi tech + Agile
  • Eyelashes DPS and also Buff, Weapon + Tactical
  • Child Emperor Buffer and also Healer, HI tech + Tactical
  • Child Emperor Ice Festival Edition
  • Garou DPS and also Debuff, Complete + Agile
  • Carnage Kabuto Tank and also CC, Physical + Fearless
  • Tank Top Master CC and also Tank, Physical + Fearless
  • Atomic Samurai Assasin Specialist, Agile + offensive Physical Dmg
  • Boros DPS and also Tank, Complete + Fearless
  • Magic Trick Man DMG over time, Bombarder
  • Subterranean King Exotic World Edition
  • Genos Anniversary Edition
  • Metal Bat – Phantom Night Edition
  • Hellfire Flame
  • Zombieman Summer Party Edition
  • Carnage Kabuto Bass Player
  • Atomic Samurai Spring Carnival Edition
  • Maiko Plasma
  • Death Gatling
  • Old World Hellish Blizzard
  • Flashy Flash Valentine’s Day Edition
  • Monsterfied Bakuzman
  • Speed-O’ Sound Sonic – Easter Edition
  • Flashy Flash
  • Triple Staff Lilly Valentine’s Day Edition
  • Pig God Exotic World Edition
  • Terrible Tornado Valentine’s Day Edition
  • Drive Knight
  • Gyoro Gyoro

One Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0 Tier List – Tier A

Tier A are still elite characters

  • Watchdog Man Watch Dog Guard (Talent) Doggie Stricke + Doggie Chase + Doggie Combo
  • Spring Mustachio Group Attack and also Debuff, Weapon + Agile
  • Doctor Genus Debuff and also Group Attack, Hi tech + Tactical
  • Hellish Blizzard CC and also Debuff, Psychic + Tactical
  • Sky King Burst Damage and also Group Attack, Psychic + Tactical
  • Metal Bat Group Attack and also Buff, Weapon + Fearless
  • Superalloy Blackluster Healer and also Tank, Physical + Fearless
  • Geryuganshoop Group Attack and also Buff, Psychic + Tactical
  • Okamaitachi TOP Tier DMG Dealer, Warder and Brust
  • Metal Knight DPS and also Tank, Hi tech + Fearless
  • Smile Man DPS and also Buff, Weapon + Tactical
  • Armored Gorilla CC and also Tank, Hi tech + Fearless
  • Genos 2.0
  • Golden Ball Easter Edition
  • Awakened Boros
  • Awakened Mosquito Girl Warder, Burst Damage Atk + DMG + HP Recovery
  • Garou – 2nd Anniversary Edition
  • Hellish Blizzard Ice Festival Edition
  • Hellish Blizzard Summer Party Edition
  • Deep Sea King
  • Blue Fire – Guitarist
  • Awakened Vaccine Man
  • Goketsu Easter Edition
  • Silverfang(Bang) Ice Festival Edition
  • Speed -O’ Sonik
  • Circus Ring Leader Beast
  • Bomb
  • Wildhorn
  • Doctor Genius
  • Lightning Genji
  • Sky King Spring Carnival Edition
  • Spring Mustachio

One Punch Man Road to Hero 2.0 Tier List – Tier B

Tier B are useable / average characters

  • Heavy Tank Loinchloth, Physical + Agile
  • Konbu Infinity Damage and also Tank, Psychic + Fearless
  • Subterranean King CC and also Tank, Weapon + Fearless
  • Mumen Rider Healer and also Tank, Physical + Fearless
  • Iaron CC and also Tank, Weapon + Agile
  • Lightning Max DPS and also Buff, Physical + Fearless
  • Silverfang (bang) Assassin and also Tank, Physical + Agile
  • Groribas DPS and also AoE, Psychic + Agile
  • Bushidrill Weapon + Fearless
  • Mumen Rider 2022 Edition
  • Tank-Top Master
  • Handsom Kamen Amai Mask
  • Rafflesidon
  • Iairon
  • Pulton
  • Phoenix Man
  • Fukegao Tank and also Healer, Hi tech + Fearless
  • Fukegao(Phantom Night Edition)
  • Monsterfied Choze
  • Rhino Wrestler

Tier C – The Worst Characters

Tier C are the worst charaters of the game

  • Stinger Burst Damage and also Tank, Weapon + Agile
  • Puri Puri Prisoner Burst Damage and also Buff, Physical + Fearless
  • Martial Gorilla
  • Beast King DPS and also CC, Physical + Agile
  • Vaccine Man DPS and also Assassin, Psychic + Agile
  • Heavy Tank Loincloth
  • Kabuto Infinity
  • Blue Fire AOE and also Burst Damage, Hi tech + Tactical
  • Super S
  • Super S Easter Edition

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  1. Missing some:
    Bushidrill (Probably Tier B or C)
    Frog Man (Probably Tier C)
    Sky King’s Son (Probably Tier C)
    Zombieman (Probably Tier SS or S)
    King (Probably Tier S or A)
    G4 (Probably Tier S or A)
    Heavy Tank Loincloth (Probably Tier S or A)

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    Just changing the title doesn’t make it updated =/
    Could you please add at least the new characters from October?

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