Farming Simulator 22 PS4 & PS5 Controls FS22

Farming Simulator 22 PS4 & PS5 Controls FS22

Last Updated on 18 August, 2022

Farming Simulator 22 PS4 & PS5 Controls FS22 – All the default Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 controls for character & vehicle

Farming Simulator 22 PS4 & PS5 Controls FS22 – Character

These are all the default character controls in Playstation:

  • Left joystick: Character / vehicle controls
  • R: Camera movement
  • X: Jump
  • R2: Run
  • L1 + Left joystick down: Character / vehicle controls
  • Circle: Picking up items
  • Left joystick down: Interaction (e.g. with buildings)
  • Menu (3lines): Management menu / panels
  • Touch down: Shop / Build Mode
  • L1 + Touch Down: Build mode
  • R1 (hold) + Circle: Flashlight
  • Keypad up/down: Camera zoom in / out
  • L1 + Keypad up: Toggles radio (only available on vehicles by default)
  • L1 + Keypad left /right: Change the radio station

Farming Simulator 22 PS4 & PS5 Controls FS22 – Vehicle

These are all the default vehicle controls in Playstation:

  • Right joystick down: Change camera
  • R2: Gas
  • L2: Brake / Reverse
  • Square: Entry/exit from the vehicle
  • Circle: Switch between vehicle light modes
  • Circle: Hire an employee
  • X: Attaching/detaching devices
  • Triangle: Switching the active device
  • Keypad Left: Switching between vehicles – next vehicle
  • Keypad Right: Switching between vehicles – previous vehicle
  • L1 & Right joystick: Controlling the movement of the active device (e.g. boom/lift)
  • L1 & X: Disassemble/assemble the active device (with Control you control all connected devices)
  • Right joystick: Secondary control of active device movement (e.g. forks, pipe end
  • L1 & Circle: Raise/lower the active device (with Control you control all connected devices)
  • L1 & Square: Turn on / off the active device (with Control you control all connected devices)
  • Keypad down: Extracting the pipe in the combine/transfer car
  • L1 & Triangle: Select the type of grain / seedlings (seeder/planter)
  • Triangle: Unload the goods (in designated places, e.g. pastures/silos)
  • L1 & Triangle: At this point, unload an active device (e.g. a trailer/seeder / combine harvester)
  • Keypad down: Select the unloading direction of the trailer
  • Right joystick down: Fasten transport belts/change bale size
  • L1 & Keypad up: Ridge marker
  • Keypad Right: Activate the straw swath (harvester)
  • L1 & Circle: Cruise control
  • L1 & Left joystick: Cruise control – increase / decrease (with the up / down knob)
  • Square: Start/stop the vehicle (by default, each vehicle turns on automatically when you add gas)
  • Left joystick down: Switch steering mode (e.g. front wheels / all wheels/crab mode – selected vehicles)
  • L3 & R2: Switch driving direction (selected vehicles) (thanks to Klokan)
  • R2 & Keypad up: Shifting up / down – manual transmissions only.

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  1. How do you get the camera view to show the entire equipment and tractor from behind? When pulling beside the combine to unload, can only view the very front of the equipment and tractor.

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