Four Elements Trainer MOD – Remastered Lain

Four Elements Trainer MOD

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Four Elements Trainer MOD – in-game walkthrough for every character, cheat menu, Scene replay gallery, remastered in HD and widescreen

Four Elements Trainer MOD – Lain Mod

Download Four Elements Trainer MOD – Lain > Here

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Mod Info

  • Cheats / Features: in-game walkthrough for every character, cheat menu, Scene replay gallery, remastered in HD and widescreen
  • Modder: Maid Lain
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Warning: Do not use the mod on any game version newer than the one listed. Latest Versions are available early on Patreon

About the Mod

The game takes place in the world of Avatar: TLA, has been remastered and is now called Four Elements Trainer: Remastered. I built a remastered version of the original game to address those problems and add many enhancements to the game because the original wasn’t made in HD and didn’t have widescreen. Only Book 1 has been remastered as of yet.


  • Widescreen and HD remastered versions of the game are now available!
  • Hack menu and in-game walkthrough (optional)
  • Gallery of scene replays
  • Mode for developer commentary
  • A quest tracking window
  • Numerous QoL enhancements and game bug fixes have been made.

About the game

The mammoth project known as Four Elements Trainer, which will consist of four separate games combined into one, is set in the worlds of The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender. There are a ton of characters, missions, storylines, battles, and riddles to solve along the way.

About Maid Lain

Hello, For games like Summertime Saga, and Harem Hotel, I’m making free mods.

My whole list of mods as of July:

  • Summertime Saga
  • Harem Hotel
  • Witch trainer.

There are no other projects listed on this Patreon page save the ones mentioned above. Please feel free to send a message to the moderators with any comments or advice. I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this, and I hope you had fun using my changes!

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