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Harem Hotel MOD

Last Updated on 1 September, 2023

Harem Hotel MOD v0.17.2 – in-game walkthrough for all characters, an optional cheat menu, new scenes, new locations, and restores removed content to the game

Harem Hotel MOD – Latest Version

Download Harem Hotel MOD v0.17.2 > Here

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Mod Info

  • Cheats / Features:  in-game walkthrough for all characters, an optional cheat menu, 11 new scenes and 2 new locations, and restores removed content to the game
  • Modder: Maid Lain
  • Language: English

Warning: Do not use the mod on any game version newer than the one listed. Latest Versions are available early on Patreon


A tutorial for every character in-game, a selectable cheat menu, 11 new scenes, 2 new settings, and the return of deleted content are all features of the mod Harem Hotel Expanded.

Every character and game event now has an in-game walkthrough thanks to this mod. The walkthrough menu includes dynamic guides that enable you keep track of how you’re doing with each character and see what’s necessary to set off their scenes and further the plot.

The mod also replaces removed stuff with fresh content and adds new content to the game. Some actions I’ve taken include:

  • Adding 11 additional scenes created by fans
  • Adding two additional areas for exploration
  • Bringing back the game’s exhibition sequences from Kali’s cafe
  • Unlocking the game’s locked scenes for Jin
  • Bringing back Kate’s historical puzzles for the game

There is now a cheat menu with options to increase your money to $99999, improve your stats with every girl, unlock every dress and toy, and more. Additionally, I’ve included an in-game encyclopedia that you can use to keep track of specific characters or learn more about specific plot points. This encyclopedia is updated as you play the game. Finally, I changed the textbox and font to make the user interface clearer and easier to understand.

About Harem Hotel

On a distant continent where everything appears to be perfect on the surface but is rarely the case, you have inherited your grandfather’s hotel. With 18 lovely and fully developed characters, you can develop relationships, skills, and your hotel. Harem Hotel features dozens of hours of content, over 1,030 unique events, over 32,500 HD photos, hundreds of fully animated and uncensored filthy sequences, a variety of stats, qualities, clothes, and upgrades to buy and unlock, and much, much more to come.

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