Lust Academy Cheat MOD v3.3.1d Scrappy

Lust Academy Cheat MOD

Last Updated on 1 October, 2023

Lust Academy Cheat MOD v0.17.2 – House power, spell power, Max Money, add potions and inventory items, unlock the gallery (all scenes)

Lust Academy Cheat MOD – Latest Version

Download Lust Academy Cheat MOD v0.17.2

  • Season 1 Cheat mod (v1.11.1d) > Here
  • Season 1 Cheat mod (v3.3.1d) > Here

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Mod Info

  • Cheats / Features:  House power, spell power, Max Money, add potions and inventory items, unlock the gallery (all scenes)
  • Modder: Scrappy
  • Language: English

Warning: Do not use the mod on any game version newer than the one listed. Latest Versions are available early on Patreon


This is what you can find in the Scrappy cheat mod

  • Increase or Decrease House points
  • Increase spell power
  • Increase or Decrease Money
  • Add potions and inventory items
  • Unlock all scenes in gallery

Installation: Copy the files in the zip to your game folder. Optional – Unren the game for best compatibility.

About Lust Academy

“Lust Academy” is the name of our project, and it’s no secret that we were highly influenced by the Harry Potter books and The Magicians TV series.

Lust Academy is a story-driven 3D visual novel in which you play as a young 18-year-old man who has recently discovered that he is a wizard!

At the moment, we have two game modes: Sandbox and Visual Novel.

We emphasized on freedom of choice and free wander in Sandbox. However, we dislike the grind, therefore our game contains no required grinding components.

Because it is highly focused on enjoyable gameplay and delivering the tale, free wander and freedom of choice are limited in Visual Novels.

You play as an ordinary 18-year-old man whose life is about to alter forever! At Cordale, the New World’s oldest academy of magic and wizardry, you’ll learn about the entire world full of magic and adventure that awaits you. The most important thing is to get to know your classmates and professors! We’re confident you’ll find the majority of them… endearing!

Visit the New World’s oldest magic academy and meet gorgeous girls, sincere friends, and powerful opponents! Explore the magical world, solve mysteries, and rise through the ranks to become an Almighty renowned wizard!

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