How To Ascend in RAID Shadow Legends (Ascension Guide)

how to ascend in raid shadow legends

Last Updated on 9 February, 2023

How To Ascend in RAID Shadow Legends – Welcome to the unofficial guide on how to ascend champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. Enjoy it!

In RAID: Shadow Legends, one of the various methods to increase a champion’s power is through ascension.

When a champion reaches level three of ascension, you can upgrade or unlock a new skill in addition to upgrading its stats.

With the use of potions acquired through dungeons, the shop, faction battles, chests, missions, challenges, and occasionally events, champions can be ascended in the Bastion’s Tavern.

The requirements, or costs, for raising a champion to the next ascension level vary according to the champion’s rarity and current ascension level.

The criteria for potions and anything else you need to know about the ascension system in RAID: Shadow Legends may be found in the guide below.

How To Ascend in RAID Shadow Legends

What are the ascensions

By raising their champions to the next ascension level, players can use the ascension system in RAID: Shadow Legends to further increase their stats and power.

A champion’s ascension, which is an upgrade, depends on how many stars they have.

By checking the champion’s stars on its icon, information page, etc., you may determine their current ascension level.

A champion’s ascension level is determined by the number of purple stars it has earned.

One more of a champion’s yellow stars will change to purple each time it ascends to a higher ascension level.

The maximum rank, maximum ascension level, and hence the maximum amount of stars on a champion are all 6.

How to ascend champions

By picking the Climb tab on the right side, choosing the champion you wish to ascend on the left side, and then hitting the yellow Ascend button in the Tavern in Bastion in RAID: Shadow Legends, you can ascend champions.

You need to have the right mix of potions before you can climb a champion. To climb, all champions need both arcane potions and potions that match their affinity.

A champion’s ascent to the next ascension level is more difficult the rarer it is and the higher its present ascension level is.

You may view both the potion needs and what the subsequent ascension level will bring when you choose a champion to ascend in the Tavern.

If you’re curious, you can check out our chart of potion pricing later in this article to see the number of potions needed at each ascension level and each rarity.

The number of yellow stars that have changed to purple in a champion’s icon, information page, etc. indicates their level of ascension.

A champion can only be ascended so far until it runs out of yellow stars. The champion in this situation would need to be ranked up in order to receive one more yellow star before you could ascend it.

A champion can only have six stars total, thus once you’ve ascended it to ascension level 6, you can no longer ascend it.

How to get potions

The five Keep dungeons are the main source of ascension potions in RAID: Shadow Legends.

The Dungeon Map has five keeps, each of which provides a different type potion:

  • Arcane Keep
  • Spirit Keep
  • Magic Keep
  • Force Keep
  • Void Keep

To climb, all champions require potions from the Arcane Keep and the keep corresponding to their affinity.

For instance, in order to climb, Ninja, a champion of the Magic affinity, requires both Arcane and Magic potions.

In the game, there are a lot of additional ways to obtain potions. The complete list of approaches is provided below:

  • Dungeons
  • Shop
  • Faction Wars
  • Chests
  • Missions
  • Challenges
  • Events

Even though there are other ways to obtain potions, farming dungeons is the most efficient way to do it.

It can be challenging to obtain potions of greater and greater rarity, thus you should use the Potion Mixer found under the Tavern’s Ascend tab.

You can mix lower rarity potions with higher rarity potions in the potion mixer.

The cost of mixing potions is broken down as follows:

  • 10 Lesser Potions -> 1 Greater Potion
  • 10 Greater Potions -> 1 Superior Potion

In addition to the cost of the individual potion, it costs 20,000 silver to mix lower potions with greater potions and 100,000 silver to combine greater potions with superior potions.

Ascension potions requirements tables

The mix of potions needed to raise a champion to the next level depends on the champion’s rarity and current level of ascension.

The standard white potions that every champion needs when ascending are called arcane potions.

Champions need the affinity-specific affinity potion, which is one of four different colored potions that correlate to the four affinities.

The whole list of potions needed to advance champions to the next level can be found here.

Each rarity has a chart, with the exception of common, which cannot be ascended.

Uncommon champion ascension requirements

Ascension Level Affinity Potion Cost Arcane Potion Cost
0 -> 1 2 Lesser Potions 2 Lesser Potions
1 -> 2 2 Lesser Potions 2 Lesser Potions
2 -> 3 3 Lesser Potions 2 Lesser Potions
3 -> 4 3 Lesser Potions 3 Lesser Potions
4 -> 5 5 Lesser Potions 3 Lesser Potions
5 -> 6 5 Lesser Potions 3 Lesser Potions
1 -> 6 (Total) 20 Lesser Potions 15 Lesser Potions

Rare champion ascension requirements

Epic champion ascension requirements

Legendary champion ascension requirements

Benefits of ascension

In RAID: Shadow Legends, a champion’s power is increased in a number of ways by ascending.

Their base stats are improved first, which increases both their power directly and the effectiveness of artifacts that increase stats by a %.

Second, a champion gains a new skill or an improvement to an existing one when it reaches ascension level three.

Under a champion’s skills tab, you can check to see if a new talent will be unlocked at ascension level three.

A champion’s skills tab will unlock a talent at ascension level three if it has a locked skill with an ascension level of 3 on it. If not, it will receive an ascension level three skill improvement for one of its skill set.

Is it possible to ascend to a common champion?

In RAID: Shadow Legends, you cannot rise champions of common rarity.

It’s because that champion is common if you’ve ever attempted to ascend one in the game and received the notification “This Champion cannot Ascend.”

Any other champion in the game with a rarity of uncommon or higher can be ascended.

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