How To Defeat Altered Goliath in Forspoken?

how to defeat altered goliath in forspoken

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

How To Defeat Altered Goliath in Forspolken – To defeat Altered Goliath in Forspoken, follow these easy steps.

There are numerous world bosses in Athia who will pose a threat to Frey. Altered Goliath, who you will meet during The Reckoning, is one of them. This boss clearly intends to end Frey’s journey, and the entire fight will feel like that. This fight will undoubtedly be difficult because the boss is not only tough but can also regenerate health. So, in Forspoken, how do you defeat Altered Goliath? Nothing is impossible in Frey Holland’s journey, and neither is this. To have any chance of winning, you will need to cover a lot of chapters and work hard during this battle. We recommend that you continue reading this boss fight guide and

How To Defeat Altered Goliath in Forspolken

You might want to level up your character now that you know how difficult this fight will be. While Red and Purple Magic will undoubtedly make the fight more difficult, you can still use them. However, having Blue Magic will give you an advantage and make the task easier.

This is one of your toughest ogre-type enemies on the Blessed Plain. Poison is the only effective way to defeat Altered Goliath in Forspoken. In addition, you will have to attack him nonstop before he can heal the damage. Prav’s Naedre spell is the best way to deal with poison attacks. Using Surge Magic in conjunction with that will be extremely beneficial.

Keep the poison going at all times in this battle because it’s the most essential ingredient. His bar will become purple, indicating that he has been poisoned. The best defense against Goliath’s assault is to keep moving and aim for the tendril protruding from the rear of its head, which is the weak place. You will get four Lucid Garlands if you defeat him.

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