How to get Bob in Slap Battles?

How to get Bob in Slap Battles

Last Updated on 11 November, 2023

How to get Bob in Slap Battles – All the information on how to unlock the badge and the most difficult glove to obtain in the @Tencelll game

How to get Bob in Slap Battles – Unlock method

The Bob glove is the 18th special glove in Slap Battles, requiring the bob badge acquired by using Replica glove’s ability with a chance of 1/7500

Replica is the 22nd unlockable glove in Slap Battles

This badge worked for around 3 hours on April 17th and went unobtainable. It is now obtainable indefinitely after April 19th due to many people complaining why is it gone

Difficulty Level: Nearly Impossible, Luck Based, Rarest obtainable Badge

Video Guide

In case you still have doubts, and so you can see that it is real, we leave you a video guide of the famous Roblox Premiumsalad youtuber, where you will see that he confirms what we have explained to you about Bob Glove and Bob Badge

We hope that this guide has been useful to you and that you are one of the lucky few who have obtained the Bob Badge and the Bob Gloves.

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