How to get Potato Glove in Slap Battles?

Potato Glove in Slap Battles

Last Updated on 11 November, 2023

How to get Potato Glove in Slap Battles? – @Tencelll’s Roblox Game – The requirements and the easiest method to unlock the potato glove 

How to get Potato Glove in Slap Battles – Requirements

The Potato Glove requires the badge Sorry to burst your bubble.

To obtain this badge, One needs a Bubble user and a Reverse user, The Bubble user must use his ability while pointed at the Reverse, once the Bubble is near the Reverse user, he must activate the ability and once done you will be rewarded the badge.

How to get Potato Glove in Slap Battles – Easiest Method

The most common method revolves with the player already having unlocked Reverse glove (5500 slaps) as well as a user whom has the Bubble glove. The reverse user uses the ability on a bubble, trapping the player with the bubble glove in their own bubble, however, due to the ability needing to be the reverse ability, it’s possible to obtain it at 0 slaps with a third person with Mitten

Potato Glove Ability

Hot potato: When somebody is slapped by potato, they will receive a potato spinning over their head and a timer of 15 seconds

Video Guide

In case you are stuck in any of the steps, we leave you this video guide from youtuber Jakka, where you can see how they are achieved in a couple of minutes, it is super easy:

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