Head Hunter Badge Slap Battles – How to Get

Head Hunter Badge Slap Battles

Last Updated on 9 February, 2023

Head Hunter Badge Slap Battles – How to Get, some tips and info about the reward, the DETONATOR Glove, one of the newest gloves

Head Hunter Badge Slap Battles – How to Get?

Win a Slap Royale game with at least 15 kills

You can only obtain this this badge in Slap Royale gamemode, you need to kill 15 players while not getting eliminated. You most likely need to be always in full genocide towards the players you could defeat, remember that you also need luck with your hand to get more power or speed to take down players

Head Hunter Badge Slap Battles – Reward

The DETONATOR glove was added on June 18, 2022 and is the 23rd special glove in Slap Battles. It is unlocked by obtaining the Head Hunter badge

DETONATOR Glove Ability

Detonator’s ability is to place a remote bomb on whatever player you hit, once placed, when the user presses E again, the bomb will explode in the direction the user is facing.

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