Slap Battles Bomb Glove Guide

Slap Battles Bomb Glove

Last Updated on 11 December, 2023

Slap Battles Bomb Glove Guide – Short Fuse Badge – All the steps to get this glove, the badge and the Detonation ability

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Slap Battles Bomb Glove Unlock Guide

You must equip Warp and teleport and die in under 1 second

How to get Warp

Earn the Savior badge: use Swapper’s ability to a player who is falling off to the void before they die

To get the Swapper’s ability you need the Swapper Glove and it costs 420 Slaps

How to Teleport and die in under 1 second

There are several ways to achieve this, although the simplest are

  • Warp to someone who has fallen off the island
  • Jump off the map and use the ability as soon as you touch the death space

It may be a bit tricky, but it shouldn’t take you many tries to get it.

Video Guide

A PremiumSalad video guide in which you can see how to get the Bomb Glove and the Short Fuse Badge

Slap Battles Bomb Glove Ability

The active ability is Detonation: Throws a bomb that detonates when you press E on your keyboard, or if you wait a few seconds (automatically)

The blast radius is quite large (large AoE) and of course can hit multiple players, making it a great ability in terms of Crowd Control. Although we must say that the bomb is somewhat slow, and it is very easy to avoid by rivals. It does not have particularly high damage, and you have to be careful when throwing it, because it can cause damage to yourself. So of course we recommend unlocking the Glove, you’re going to need it, but its ability isn’t a big deal. Although judge for yourself, at least it’s fun

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