Slap Battles Druid Glove Guide

Slap Battles Druid Glove

Last Updated on 11 December, 2023

Slap Battles Druid Glove Guide – Gardens and Ghouls Badge – All the steps to get this glove, the badge and the Wild Vines ability

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Slap Battles Druid Glove Unlock Guide

You must teleport to the Unknown World, and once there, defeat hordes of minions, we explain

Teleport to Unknown World

To teleport there you must make the Corrupted Vines potion Using the Alchemist Glove and drink it

Corrupted Vines Recipe: 3 Wild Vines + 1 Blood Rose + 1 Dark Root + 1 Elder Wood + 1 Jade Stone

How to unlock Alchemist Glove: kill 10 different people by Plague’s passive ability in one life (To get the Plague skill the player will need to be simply slapped by another Plague user)

Ok, you are now in the unknown world, now let’s see how to face the hordes

Defeat the Minions

It is a tower defense game, to unlock the Druid Glove, you must pass Wave 6. We explain the towers that you can place, although nothing is better than trial and error to know which ones you need at all times

  • Blue Teeth tower – Cost = 120 coins – You can place max = 8
  • Yellow Scope tower – Cost = 200 coins – You can place max = 5
  • Tencelll tower – Cost = 450 coins – You can place max = 6

Of course, the most powerful is the Tencelll tower, although you will need a lot of coins, you may have to farm a little before traveling to Unknown World

In any case, after defeating the sixth wave you will get the Druid Glove and the Gardens And Ghouls badge

Video Guide

A PremiumSalad video guide in which you can see how to get the Druid Glove and the Gardens and Ghouls Badge

Slap Battles Druid Glove Ability

The active ability is Wild Vines: Launches vines that knock and paralyze anyone they hit for 5 seconds. Although any skill or glove that can edit the walkspeed, can escape paralysis.

It has a very good impact radius, and can paralyze many players. So it’s a great ability, but its effectiveness will depend on the ability to counter your attack

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