How to Get Moon Breathing in Demonfall – Location & Requirements

How to Get Moon Breathing in Demonfall

Last Updated on 8 September, 2022

How to Get Moon Breathing in Demonfall – Location & Requirements – Learn how to unlock one of the best breathings of Demonfall

Moon Breathing – can be obtained from Kokushibo, it requires 28 SP. (Exclusive to Hybrids Only)

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How to Get Moon Breathing in Demonfall – Location

Go to Frosty Forest, atop a mountain next to a large Moai statue, near the cave of the Green Demon

  1. Talk to the Kokushibo NPC at night (if you are not a member of the Kamado Clan you will burn during the day)
  2. Choose: I accept (you will become a hybrid and lose 50% of your levels)
  3. Talk to the Kokushibo NPC again
  4. Choose Ee biko!

Requirements: 5 Muzan Blood and also level 50

Moon Breathing Location

If you can’t find Kokushibo, check this video guide (credits to the youtuber AshzX) and unlock the Moon Breathing:

How to Get Moon Breathing in Demonfall – Skills

These are all the skills, their cooldowns and their costs:

  • Dark Moon: horizontal slash in front of them similiar to that of Water Breathing’s Surface Slash
  • Loathsome Moon: powerful AOE attack similiar to that of Sun Breathing’s Flash Dance (Breaks guard)
  • Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy: barrage of slashes in quick succesion similiar to that of Mist Breathing’s Eight-Layered Mist
  • Mirror of Misfortune, Moonlit: 5 multi-directional long ranged slashes in the ground. Auto executes
  • Moon Dragon Ringtail: diagonal slash that travels at high speed similiar to that of Flame Breathing’s Flame Bend
  • Catastrophe: dashes backward and puts their sword near their sheath, before unleashing several crescent-like slashes that travel at low speeds


Each M1 Drain The Enemy stamina

Breathing Styles are swordsmanship styles accompanied with an esoteric breathing art that enhances the abilities of a swordsman that is proven useful for combating demons in-tandem with a Nichirin Katana

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