How to Get Sound Breathing in Demonfall – Location & Requirements

How to Get Sound Breathing in Demonfall

Last Updated on 28 April, 2022

How to Get Sound Breathing in Demonfall – Location & Requirements – Learn how to unlock one of the best breathings of Demonfall

Sound Breathing – you can unlock it from Tengen, it requires 17 SP

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How to Get Sound Breathing in Demonfall – Location

You have to complete two tasks to unlock the Sound Breathing:

  1. Find Uzui’s wives, Suma, Makio and also Hinatsuru (Check video guides with locations below)
  2. Give Tengen 3 Perfect Crystals (Ultra hard if you don’t have them already in your inventory)

Sound Breathing Location

If you can’t find Uzui’s wives, Suma, Makio and also Hinatsuru, check this video guides (credits to the youtubers Akronik & Vasper) and unlock the Sound Breathing:

How to Get Sound Breathing in Demonfall – Skills

These are all the skills, their cooldowns and their costs:

  • Roar: The user lifts both of their blades in the air and slams them down onto the ground, creating a massive crater and also a huge explosion
  • Bang: The user swings both of their blades horizontally outward in a cross slash manner, making a flash effect that can also blind the target
  • Chain Explosion: The user clashes their blades together, creating a stream of explosives down towards the enemy
  • String Performance:  the user swings their right blade while dashing towards their target, creating trails upon trails of explosives
  • Smoke: The user creates a black puff of smoke and turns invisible, you can use it to break free from an infinite combo similar to any I-frame moves


Similar to Beast, M1 hits twice

Breathing Styles are swordsmanship styles accompanied with an esoteric breathing art that enhances the abilities of a swordsman that is proven useful for combating demons in-tandem with a Nichirin Katana

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