How To Get Ship Blueprints In Lost Ark?

how to get ship blueprints in lost ark

Last Updated on 21 December, 2022

How To Get Ship Blueprints In Lost Ark – Follow the tips in this guide and find all the ship blueprints in Lost Ark – don’t miss it!

How to Get Ship Blueprints in Lost Ark

There are three ways you can go about getting the blueprints you need to keep upgrading your ship: purchasing them from trade merchants in your stronghold, purchasing them from traveling merchant ships, and getting them via events. I’ll now explain each choice in detail.

Purchasing from Traveling Merchant Ships

Each island in Lost Ark has a port or dock, which you will notice when you explore it. There will be a variety of ships present, including traveling merchant ships. There are differences between each merchant and the island where they are located, but the most of them may offer you ship designs. Simply approach them and press G to open the Upgrades menu. You can buy blueprints from them for Gienah coins.

Purchasing from Trade Merchants in your Stronghold

Every day, merchants will come to visit your stronghold. Even ship plans will be sold by some of them. The following merchants always guarantee to sell ship blueprints: Duekhyeon, Illayne, Rami, Tago, and Flarke. You can purchase blueprints from trade merchants for Seals.

Obtaining Blueprints from Events

There are occasionally in-game occasions that happen all across Lost Ark but are only accessible for a brief period of time. You can get some ship blueprints through completing chores, challenges, or even just consistently logging in for days. However, because these events are not all that regular, I strongly advise choosing the first two because they are simpler to obtain and far more likely to occur.

Continue refining your magnificent ship and exploring the land of Lost Ark after that. A happy journey!

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