How to Make a Cleric Villager in Minecraft?

How to Make a Cleric Villager in Minecraft

Last Updated on 14 July, 2022

How to Make a Cleric Villager in Minecraft? – steps to make a Cleric, recipes, requirements, common problems and strengths

The Cleric is one of the most useful villager occupations that the players can find enchanted bottles of potions from them. The Potions are varied and can differ from each Cleric Villager found in the Overworld

How to Make a Cleric Villager in Minecraft?

Getting a Cleric requires only three steps:

  • Find an unspecialized villager.
  • Craft a Brewing Stand.
  • Place the Brewing Stand close to the villager and wait for it to become a Cleric.

So as you can see, the process is quite simple, the only thing you may not know is how to make a Brewing Stand.

How to craft a Brewing Stand

Brewing Stand Recipe = You will need a Blaze Rod and Stone Tier Blocks or Cobblestone or Blackstone or Cobbled Deepslate

  • 1st Column: Empty
  • 2nd Column:  A blaze rod in the middle
  • 3rd Column: Any Stone-tier block


  • 1st Column: Empty
  • 2nd Column:  A blaze rod in the middle
  • 3rd Column: x3 Cobblestone or x3 Blackstone or x3 Cobbled Deepslate

Surely you know the recipes of its ingredients, but just in case:

How to get a Blaze Rod = When killed by a player or tamed wolf, a blaze has a 50% chance to drop a blaze rod

This was the hardest part, but now you have everything you need to get your first Cleric. Although we recommend you read the next section if you have any problems getting it

Cleric Trades

Trades magic items like ender pearls, redstone dust, glowstone dust, and other enchanting or potion ingredients.

  • Novice:
    • Rotten Flesh > Emerald
    • Emerald > Redstone Dust
  • Apprentice:
    • Gold Ignot > Emerald
    • Emerald > Lapis Lazuli
  • Joyrney Man:
    • Rabbit’s Foot > Emerald
    • Emerald > Glowstone
  • Expert:
    • Scute > Emerald
    • Glass Bottle > Emerald
    • Emerald > Ender Pearl
  • Master:
    • Nether Wart > Emerald
    • Emerald > Bottle o’ Enchanting

Why doesn’t my villager become a Cleric?

The top three reasons are: They’ve been traded, they’ve chosen a new block on the construction site, or they haven’t claimed a bed yet

So when you go to choose a candidate to be your new Cleric, make sure that he meets the indicated requirements. If you have doubts or you can’t get it to work, but you don’t know why, try another unspecialized villager

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