How To Obtain Shikai & Defeat Shikai Boss in Peroxide Shikai Guide

How To Obtain Shikai & Defeat Shikai Boss in Peroxide Shikai Guide

Last Updated on 13 September, 2023

How To Obtain Shikai & Defeat Shikai Boss in Peroxide Shikai Guide. Journey of growth, challenges, and ultimate transformation, check the full guide.

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How To Obtain Shikai & Defeat Shikai Boss in Peroxide Shikai Guide

Guide will be your handbook, giving you all the tools and strategies you need to

  • Obtain Shikai.
  • Defeat Shikai Boss.

More information

What is Peroxide Shikai? it’s an entire journey, a transformation in the world of Peroxide that allows soul reapers to harness their innermost powers.

How to Obtain Shikai? Reaching level 15 as a soul reaper: Before anything else, aim for level 15. Engage in quests, confront foes, and make your mark as a soul reaper.

Meditating and the role of the N key: Once you’ve made it to level 15, it’s time for some introspection. Initiate meditation by pressing the ‘N’ key, and dive deep into your soul.

The mini-game and orb collection: As part of this meditation journey, you’ll embark on a mini-game challenge, where the target is to gather 160 orbs. Not as easy as it sounds, but absolutely worth it!

Completing quests: Post meditation, your inner spirit will beckon. It might ask you to take down an Adjuchas or maybe even a rogue Soul Reaper. Be prepared for anything!

Training in the dojo: Before jumping into any challenges, hone your skills. Visit the dojo, engage with the training equipment, and bolster your soul reaper stats.

Challenging the inner spirit: Once prepared, it’s time for the ultimate test. Face your inner spirit, or the Shikai, and demonstrate your might!

To trigger this transformation, keep an eye on the gauge to your right. Once it’s at least 20% full, press the ‘G’ key. Once you’re at rank B, this transformation is yours to command without restrictions.

And if you think the gauge being at 0% will hold you back, think again! If you’ve unlocked Bankai, you can still activate the Shikai transformation.

Unlocking Shikai Moves

Acquiring Shikai moves is a journey in itself. Think of it as leveling up in a game; you gather experience, hone your skills, and finally unlock that special move. Keep pushing yourself, and soon, your Shikai arsenal will be replete with powerful abilities.

How to Defeat Shikai Boss?

Shikai Boss: After gathering orbs and reaching level 15, your inner spirit has one final quest for you: Defeat the Shikai Boss, or as some call it, your inner spirit.

Training and preparing for the challenge: But this isn’t a task to be taken lightly. Head back to the dojo, train harder, and boost your stats. Your inner spirit demands nothing but the best.

Proving worth to the inner spirit: It’s battle time! Show your inner spirit that you’re not just any soul reaper; you’re the one worthy of wielding Shikai.

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