Roblox Peroxide Controls – PC (2024)

Roblox Peroxide Controls

Last Updated on 25 January, 2024

Roblox Peroxide Controls – PC – How to Flashstep, Transform, Teleport, Dash, heavy Attack, Uppercut, Pushcounter, Block and more

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Roblox Peroxide Controls – PC

These are the game controls, where you will find some specific functions, only valid for Peroxide

  • Mouse 1 / Left Click – Light Attack
  • Mouse 2 / Right Click – Heavy Attack
  • Q – Dash (Under 10 agility)
  • Q – Flashstep (The Dash turns into a flashstep when you get 10 Agility)
  • G – Transform (The Animation can differ according to what mode you’re using)
  • Flashstep + M2 – Uppercut
  • W/A/S/D – Movement Keys
  • E – to take out your weapon
  • N – to teleport to your spirit realm/skill bind menu
  • V – to carry NPCs, players or objects
  • B – to grip NPCs or players
  • F – to block
  • F + M2 while getting hit to pushcounter
  • Camera Zoom In – I
  • Camera Zoom Out – O
  • Chat – /

Clicking the Manual on the Top Left of your screen shows you all the basic game Mechanics in full detail

Roblox Peroxide Controls – Player GUI

Surely you will also be interested in knowing what each data in the bar means:


1- Player’s Money
2- Player’s Health
3- Cooldowns of Blocking (left), Uppercut (middle) and Dash (right)
4- Player’s Level
5- Player’s Reiatsu

And in case you don’t know what each thing means:

  • Spirit: Buffs Shikai/Bankai/Res and Kido moves damage
  • Strength: Trains m1 damage
  • Vitality: Health.
  • Agility: Unlocks flash step and more abilities. Makes flash step faster.
  • Reiatsu: You get more reiatsu (which acts like a stamina bar in this game)

Ranks and Limitbreak

The Player begins as a rank F. He must Limitbreak every 46 stat levels in order to rank up to the following rank and gain more stats. Limitbreak requires you to max out your current stats.

People who have not yet unlocked Shikai/Schrift are limited to rank C until they do so. (Arrancars simply skip this cap.) The rank cap is S.

Hollow murder, konso, killing souls (as an arrancar), slaying storm vastocars, besting raid bosses, turning in soul gourds, and conducting incursions/other events can all be used to raise the Limitbreak bar.

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