How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide – Best Guide

How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide

Last Updated on 13 September, 2023

How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide – Best Guide. The world of Peroxide is thrilling, especially when equipped with the knowledge of rerolling clans. Robux, Product Essence, or golden codes.

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How To Reroll Clan In Peroxide

Rerolling clans is a pivotal aspect of mastering Peroxide, and today we’re diving deep into the how-to’s.

  • Brief Overview of Peroxide
    Peroxide is more than just a game. It’s a universe where races like the Quincy, Soul Reaper, and Hollow exist, each offering unique clans. Understanding how to reroll these clans can significantly enhance your overall experience.
  • Importance of Rerolling Clans
    In Peroxide, clans aren’t just for show. They can influence your gameplay, your alliances, and the strategies you adopt. Hence, the need to reroll until you find the perfect fit!

The Basics of Rerolling Clans in Peroxide

  • Robux and Product Essence
    Before diving into the rerolling process, it’s essential to understand two crucial game elements: Robux and Product Essence. These are your tickets to rerolling clans, each with its own procedure and benefits.

How to Reroll Clan Using Robux

  • Step-by-step Procedure
    To begin, find the green R$ button located at the top-left corner of your game screen. This will lead you to the clan reroll option. Simple, right?
  • The Significance of 100 R$
    Be prepared to spend 100 R$ Robux every time you wish to reroll. Think of it as a small investment towards a potentially game-changing clan.
  • Clans and Races Overview
    Depending on your chosen race, the available clans may differ. Quincy, Soul Reaper, Hollow—each has its distinctive set of clans. And if you’re curious about the buffs associated with each clan, Peroxide has a handy guide for you.

How to Reroll Clan Using Product Essence

  • Finding Kisuke and Interacting
    Ever heard of Kisuke? If you have Product Essence in hand, this is the guy you want to see. A long press of the E key will allow you to engage with him, unlocking the door to your next clan.
  • Using the General Tab and Product Essence Count
    Upon interacting with Kisuke, select the general tab. Here, you can decide the amount of Product Essence to part with, keeping in mind that each essence offers one clan reroll.
  • Rerolling Without Spending Robux
    After collecting your rerolls from Kisuke, head back to the green R$ button. But this time, you’ll notice clan rerolls available without having to spend any Robux—how cool is that?

How to Reroll Clan for Free in Peroxide

  • Introduction to Peroxide Codes
    Sometimes, patience pays. For those looking to reroll without spending Robux or Product Essence, Peroxide codes might be your answer.
  • Patiently Awaiting Developer Codes
    Stay alert for codes released by Peroxide’s developers. These elusive codes grant players the ability to reroll clans for absolutely free!

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