Soul Reaper Progression Guide in Peroxide

Soul Reaper Progression Guide in Peroxide

Last Updated on 13 September, 2023

Soul Reaper Progression Guide in Peroxide. Journey of self-discovery, challenges, and epic battles, well-equipped to progress, evolve, and dominate the game. 

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Soul Reaper Progression Guide in Peroxide

Step-by-step progression guide just for you.

Transforming into a Lost Soul

The Journey Begins: 

The first chapter in your journey to become a soul reaper in Peroxide is a transformation into a lost soul. This metamorphosis occurs once your human character meets its end in the heat of battle.

The Role of Kisuke NPC: 

Post transformation, a visit to the Kisuke NPC is crucial. Here, you make the pivotal choice to tread the path of a soul reaper.

Meditation and the Orb Mini-game

The Essence of Meditating: 

Once the mantle of soul reaper drapes over you, it’s time to engage in introspective meditation. Ever thought of what happens when you press the ‘N’ key? It awakens your inner being, readying you for the orb mini-game.

Orb Collection:

It’s not just about meditation; collecting orbs plays a crucial part. And guess what? Your orb collection journey starts right after the meditation phase begins.

The Mysterious Quest

Facing the Adjuchas

While on the hunt for the 160 orbs, your inner spirit sends a challenge your way. This could range from confronting the fierce Adjuchas to taking on a Rogue Soul Reaper. Quite an unexpected turn, right?

Improving Combat Performance

But, before you dive into the quest, remember to amp up your stats. Why, you ask? Enhancing your stats ensures a peak combat performance, giving you an edge in these surprise confrontations.

Shikai: The First Transformation

Achieving Shikai

Ever heard of the Shikai? Once you touch the Level 15 mark, complete quests, and gather those orbs, you’re poised to face and conquer your inner spirit, thereby achieving Shikai in Peroxide.

Activation & Usage

Post achievement, pressing G activates your Shikai, but only when the bar on the right fills to a minimum of 20%. And the best part? Achieving rank B lets you harness this transformation indefinitely!

Unlocking Bankai

Requirements and Challenges

The path to unlocking Bankai involves another duel with your inner spirit. But, there are prerequisites: attaining Level 85 and securing 420 points through challenges like Time gates and battling Time Bubbles. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

Bankai Buffs

On successfully unlocking the Bankai mode, enjoy the enhanced player stats. Imagine a 30% spirit buff? Quite the power boost!

The Ultimate Challenge: The Bankai Boss Battle

Phase 1: The Sword Retrieval

Reaching level 85 heralds the first phase where an array of swords descend. The challenge? Find your true sword amidst the fakes. A trial of patience and intuition.

Phase 2: The Intense Showdown

Successfully finding your sword catapults you into Phase 2: a fierce duel with your Inner Spirit, which will test your skills, patience, and perseverance.

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