Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide Roblox

Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide Roblox

Last Updated on 13 September, 2023

Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide Roblox. Master the challenges, battle the Hollow Prince, and unveil transformation secrets.

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Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide Roblox

Power and honor go hand in hand. Remember the time when unlocking a new level in a game felt like the biggest achievement? Well, attaining the Segunda Etapa feels ten times better! But it comes with its own set of challenges. Picture yourself training hard, breaking sweat, only to triumph over the formidable Hollow Prince in his own realm.

Prerequisites to Fight Hollow Prince

Before you even think of facing the Hollow Prince, there are a few boxes you need to tick off. Think of it as your entry ticket to the most exclusive party in town.

  • Level up! Ensure you’ve reached Level 90.
  • Rack up those points! You’ll need a total of 420. But hold on! These aren’t just any points. These are elite points that you can only start gathering after reaching Level 85.

How to Obtain Points

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on these precious points, here’s the scoop:

  • Time is money! Every Time Gate you complete successfully will reward you with a generous 75 points.
  • Got a thing for battles? Go head-to-head with Time Bubble bosses. Every percent of the boss’s health you decrease awards you a point.
  • The Storm Vastocar challenge awaits! Contribute the most damage (at least 60%) and earn 10 points.

Venturing to Menos Forest

With your prerequisites in check, it’s time to venture to the Menos Forest. Picture an eerie forest, and right in the middle, a dilapidated structure stands. Your destination? A hole right in the center of the building. Dive in, and let the challenge begin!

Activating Segunda Etapa

Once you’re set, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Flex your muscles and activate your Ressureccion.
  2. Wait for the magic moment! As the bar on the right side of your screen fills up, press the ‘G’ key.

This superpower doesn’t last forever! Initially, it’s just 33 seconds, but with practice and bonding with your Bankai spirit, you can extend it to a whopping 190 seconds.

Benefits of Segunda Etapa

Now that you’ve unlocked the Segunda Etapa moves, it’s time to upgrade them. It’s simple – either meditate and defeat your Inner Spirit or just use the Segunda Etapa mode frequently. Remember, each mode has its unique set of advantages. Dive into each tab to explore!

Hollow Prince Battle Guide

Your journey won’t be complete without an epic showdown against the Hollow Prince. Let’s break down the phases of this adrenaline-pumping battle:

Understanding the Battle Layout

So, what’s in store for you?

Phase 1:

It’s action time! The Hollow Prince is ready to face you. But after a few punches, he calls in his reinforcements.

Phase 2:

Two ancient Adjuchas join the party, and they’re not here to make friends. Beat them to move ahead.

Phase 3:

Our main villain, the Hollow Prince, is back, but not for long! Fight him off again as he retreats, leaving his minions to do his bidding.

Phase 4:

An Arrancar enters, and this one’s a tough nut. They regenerate, making your task twice as hard.

Phase 5:

Yet another Arrancar, this one with the “Acceleration” resurrection. Be prepared for an intense duel!

Phase 6:

The final showdown with the Hollow Prince. This is it, the moment you’ve trained for. Show him what you’re made of!

The feeling of defeating the Hollow Prince is unparalleled. As he falls, you emerge as the ultimate victor, having unlocked the full power of Segunda Etapa.

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