Kill It With Fire Barnstormer Guide – Objectives, Batteries, Upgrades

Kill It With Fire Barnstormer

Last Updated on 6 January, 2022

Kill It With Fire Barnstormer Guide – Objectives, Batteries, Upgrades & Achievements – Complete the level 100% with this guide

There are x5 objectives, x9 batteries and x2 Upgrades in Barnstormer Level

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Kill It With Fire Barnstormer – Objectives

These are all the objectives in Barnstormer:

  • Regicide: kill 3 queen spiders
  • Master gardener: shatter 20 pots (and vases)
  • Slash and burn: burn 15 hay bales
  • The ‘ol classic: drop the anvil on a spider
  • Bountiful harvest: pick 23 vegetables

Kill It With Fire Barnstormer – Batteries

These are all the Battery Locations in Barnstormer:

  • under the VEGES sign > under the sacks
  • Between the hay bales
  • Under the VEGES sign (greenhouse) > in a box
  • behind the hay bales (shed with anvil)
  • Left portable toilet > behind the seat lid
  • Greenhouse > back left corner
  • Under the table with pots
  • Tractor > Tool Table > in the tray on the shelf
  • Behind the round hay bales (right of exit)

Kill It With Fire Barnstormer – Upgrades

These are all the Upgrades in Barnstormer:

  • Holster: in the chest by the flower vases
  • Reflex Sight: Barn > cabinet


  • Flashbang Grenade: Inside the Garage (Requires 10  Spider kills to unlock). Sitting on the left side of the table.
  • Balloon: In the area to the right of the Garage, tied to a cement block (really hard to miss)
  • Assault Rifle: To the left of the port-o-potties are 3 stacked hay bales that you need to burn to reveal the box this weapon is in. You’ll need to complete 3 Objectives to unlock the box.


  • Sticky Lemon – Inside the rightmost port-o-potty (requires 35 Spider kills to unlock). This one turns Spiders into Web Spiders.

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