Kill It With Fire Major Inconvenience Guide – Objectives, Batteries, Upgrades

Kill It With Fire Major Inconvenience

Last Updated on 6 January, 2022

Kill It With Fire Major Inconvenience Guide – Objectives, Batteries, Upgrades & Achievements – Complete the level 100% with this guide

There are x6 objectives, x9 batteries and x2 Upgrades in Major Inconvenience Level

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Kill It With Fire Major Inconvenience – Objectives

These are all the objectives in Major Inconvenience:

  • Blown away: kill 8 exploding spiders
  • Shopping spree: scan items worth $100 (green pizzas, blue/yellow pizzas & purple pizzas)
  • Have a blast: detonate the propane tank
  • Take out the trash: put 5 trash bags in the dumpster
  • Fight spider with spider: kill a spider with an exploding spider (Propane tank)
  • Back in business: fix 3 electrical problems

Kill It With Fire Major Inconvenience – Batteries

These are all the Battery Locations in Major Inconvenience:

  • Behind counter > right cabinet > bottom shelf
  • Front Door > right > garbage can
  • Water Tower behind the yellow container
  • Box Truck > Front right tire > behind
  • Left dumpster
  • Orange container > tent
  • Behind the left portable toilet
  • Gas Pumps > sewer grate
  • Wheelchair

Kill It With Fire Major Inconvenience – Upgrades

These are all the Upgrades in Major Inconvenience:

  • Kerosene Soaked Bullets: in the right portable toilet
  • D-Cells: in the sewer grate to the right of the exit


  • Silenced Pistol: Out in the back, kill 10 Spiders to unlock the red container. Go through the container and on the ground on the other side is the Pistol.
  • Energy Drink: Inside the store, kill 3 Spiders to unlock the leftmost fridge on the long wall. On the bottom shelf of the fridge is the Drink.
  • Gasoline/Kerosene: Out in the front of the Gas Station, there is a blue-ish (teal-ish) car on the right side of the parking lot. Just in front of it is the Gas Canister.


  • Spice Explosion – Out in the back of the store, kill 8 Spiders to unlock the Yellow Container. Inside the Container are the cheesy puffs. This one turns Spiders into Explosive Spiders.

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