Kill It With Fire Close Encounters Guide – Objectives, Batteries, Upgrades

Kill It With Fire Close Encounters

Last Updated on 6 January, 2022

Kill It With Fire Close Encounters Guide – Objectives, Batteries, Upgrades & Achievements – Complete the level 100% with this guide

There are x6 objectives, x7 batteries and x2 Upgrades in Close Encounters Level

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Kill It With Fire Close Encounters – Objectives

These are all the objectives in Close Encounters:

  • Spawn of Evil: Kill 10 spiderlings
  • Erase the past: Shatter 10 picture frames
  • Check for skeletons: Open the top drawer of nightstand (bedroom)
  • Double trouble: Kill two spiders with one shotgun blast (queen + spiders that spawn)
  • Suburban secret: Discover a hidden room (Study > 2nd shelf > pull the blue and yellow book)
  • Power up: Find 5 batteries

Kill It With Fire Close Encounters – Batteries

These are all the Battery Locations in Close Encounters:

  • Master Bedroom > 2nd drawer (left of the bed)
  • Bedroom > top right drawer (dresser
  • Study > computer desk > Left
  • Study > computer desk > Left (also)
  • Garbage can (Study)
  • Study > Chair > under the pillow
  • Study > Secret room > bottom shelf

Kill It With Fire Close Encounters – Upgrades

These are all the Upgrades in Close Encounters:

  • S.P.I.D.A.R: Under the bed
  • Cargo Shorts: Study > Secret Room > bottom shelf


  • Shotgun: Inside the closet in the bedroom. You need the Key to unlock it, which is found in the Boy’s Room. It’s in the top drawer of the nightstand but you’ll need to have killed 12 Spiders to unlock it
  • C4: Inside the Safe in the Secret Room in the Study. You’ll need to kill 5 Spiders to unlock the safe


  • Cheese Puffs – On the dresser inside the boy’s bedroom. Requires 10 Spider kills to unlock. This one turns Spiders into Black Spiders.

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