Lego DC Super Villains Red Bricks

Lego DC Super Villains Red Bricks

Last Updated on 13 December, 2021

Lego DC Super Villains Red Bricks – How to get the x20 Red Bricks (also the Bonus Levels), and unlock x2 Cheats

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Lego DC Super Villains Red Bricks – Levels 1 to 15

1st Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Helium Mode – Location: 2nd highest level of the Gotham Clock Tower, melt the golden gargoyle statue holding the Red Brick

2nd Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Paint Splat Footprints – Location: In the fish tank on the second level. Use Reverse Flash to get it.

3rd Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Big Head Mode – Location: destroy all objects on the lower floor of the first room of STAR Labs. Use any character’s super strength to open the door with two handles. have one player controlling a Speedster while the other is controlling a character with the light-up ability. Walk into the tiny room that was opened, then activate your light to reveal a switch. Hit the 5 targets

4th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Collect Guide Studs – Location: rooftop party on the Galaxy Communications Tower, fly above the patio to a ledge and destroy the silver statue

5th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Minikit Detector – Location: During the Hugo Strange fight, beam the golden grate and head down

6th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Attract Studs – Location: Grow light bouncing plants and light up the center dome

7th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Combat Confetti – Location: On a waste barge

8th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Studs x2 – Location: Mirror jump your way to the red brick on display

9th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Fast Interactions – Location: Sing to a sea beast

10th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Pew Pew Mode – Location: Enter the three digit code into the safe (witch to a character with telekinesis, then spin the wheels)

11th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Gold Brick Detector – Location: Hypnotize the party Parademon.

12th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = DC Captions – Location: Ring the Amazonian bells

13th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Character Token Detector – Location: Go super fast and collect the red brick parts

14th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Demolition Mode – Location: A mirrors jump over from the corner.

15th Stage Red Brick – Cheat = Studs x4 – Location: Hidden at the top, on Darkseid’s Throne.

Lego DC Super Villains Red Bricks – Bonus Levels Levels 1 to 5

There are also x5 Red Bricks in the Bonus Levels:

1st Bonus Level Red Brick – Cheat = Studs x6 – Location: In Granny’s bathtub

2nd Bonus Level Red Brick – Cheat = Super Slap – Location: There’s a Bat switch under the big gear

3rd Bonus Level Red Brick – Cheat = Studs x8 – Location: Need to grow a flower during the Stompa fight.

4th Bonus Level Red Brick – Cheat = Party Hat Mode – Location: Graffiti on the wall near the start.

5th Bonus Level Red Brick – Cheat = HStuds x10 – Location: Sneak into the trophy room.

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