Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Red Bricks

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 - 7 Red Bricks

Last Updated on 13 December, 2021

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Red Bricks – How to get the x24 Red Bricks, and unlock x24 Cheats (Studs, wands, detectors and more)

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Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Red Bricks – 1st to 12th

1st Red Brick – Cheat = Comedy Specs – Location: Already available

2nd Red Brick – Cheat = Advanced Guide – Location: Already available

3rd Red Brick – Cheat = Disguise – Location: Already available

4th Red Brick – Cheat = Carrot Wands – Location: Already available

5th Red Brick – Cheat = Super Strength – Location: Weasley Courtyard > dark magic on the small box under the walkway

6th Red Brick – Cheat = Character Token Detector  – Location: Divination Classroom > wooden box with no top > place the top back on with magic > jump onto the box > land on the top of the stairs and put on some Spectrespecs > jump down and go the left > stay near the front of the screen > build spectre bricks into a table with a crystal ball on it > Hit the crystal ball with a spell

7th Red Brick – Cheat = Fall Rescue  – Location: Library > Interact with the large portrait using Ravenclaw > use Diffindo on the red wall > Build the bricks into the key and use it on the door beside the portrait

8th Red Brick – Cheat = Character Studs – Location: Great Hall > back wall > Use dark magic on black and red cabinet twice

9th Red Brick – Cheat = Score x2 – Location: Hogsmeade Village > Put on the Spectrespecs and head down the left path > Build Spectre bricks into a snowman

10th Red Brick – Cheat = Score x4 – Location: Kings Cross Station > Use Diffindo to cut large red object (pillar) down

11th Red Brick – Cheat = Score x6 – Location: Hogsmeade Path (Winter) > Use the deluminator on the lamp beside you > Head right > place the light in the lamp beside the frozen block

12th Red Brick – Cheat = Score x8 – Location: Hogsmeade Path > Use Hermione’s bag on the pad, south of the owl stand > use magic on the scarecrow

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Red Bricks – 13th to 24th

13th Red Brick – Cheat = Score x10 – Location: The Lake > Break the silver statue using Reducto

14th Red Brick – Cheat = Stud Magnet – Location: 7th Floor Corridor > Break the silver statue outside Slughorn’s office using Reducto

15th Red Brick – Cheat = Regenerate Hearts – Location: Thestral Enclosure > head towards the screen > Use dark magic to break the red and black rock

16th Red Brick – Cheat = Extra Hearts – Location: DADA Classroom > dark magic on the horse skeleton > removed the padlock from it > hit it twice with a spell

17th Red Brick – Cheat = Invincibility – Location: Divination Courtyard > Aguamenti on the dry plant > keep hitting them with spells until you have completely destroyed

18th Red Brick – Cheat = Red Brick Detector – Location: Hogsmeade Station > dark magic on the Hogsmeade sign > Hit it in the middle with a spell

19th Red Brick – Cheat = Hogwarts Crest Detector – Location: Great Hall Entrance > dark magic on the cabinet > Build bricks into a car

20th Red Brick – Cheat = Gold Brick Detector – Location: London Street > right corner > pick the rubbish up and place it in the bins > empty both of the bins into the skip

21st Red Brick – Cheat = Christmas – Location: Campsite > magic to pull the red toadstool out the ground > Sit on the large toadstool and ride it around > Ride over all five of the small ones

22nd Red Brick – Cheat = Collect Ghost Studs – Location: Small Courtyard > Use Diffindo on the tree with a  red part in the middle of its trunk

23rd Red Brick – Cheat = Fast Magic – Location: Astronomy Tower > Use dark magic on each red candle (x5)

24th Red Brick – Cheat = Fast Dig – Location: The Grounds > Spectrespecs to find the missing bricks to the right of the owl stand > Build these up into part of the stone circle

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