Lego The Incredibles Red Bricks

Lego The Incredibles Red Bricks

Last Updated on 13 December, 2021

Lego The Incredibles Red Bricks – How to get the x12 Red Bricks, and unlock x12 Cheats (Studs, invincibility, Edna Mode and more

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Lego The Incredibles Red Bricks – 1 to 6

1st Red Brick  – Cheat = Classic Mode – Location: Outer Municiberg > top-right corner of the area > Build the tree house (Family Build) > Dig up the dirt pile

2nd Red Brick – Cheat = Pickup Detector – Location: Urbem Heights > find the Family Build in the center > use Flik to dig up the dirt behind the cart and in front of the cart  > Turn the crank in the cart

3rd Red Brick – Cheat = Destroy on Contact – Location: Financial district > left side for the Family Build spot at the empty lot between the construction site > find the tracking spot in the front yard of the house with Russel > Build the bricks you dig up > climb up into the attic > Break all the glowing objects and build them

4th Red Brick – Cheat = Edna Mode – Location: Docks > find the Family Build to build the Monster’s Inc facility > Smash everything inside, build the monster, use the red button.

5th Red Brick – Cheat = Fast Interact – Location: Residential district top-right corner > use the Family Build > Find the lava pool in Imagination > Land and hop across all the blue spots > Middle button > Build the chess piece

6th Red Brick – Cheat = Invincibility – Location: Waterfront district top-right corner >  find the Family Build > Complete the race in less than 1:40

Lego The Incredibles Red Bricks – 7 to 12

7th Red Brick – Cheat = Stud Magnet – Location: Tourist district center > Find the Family Build > Use the grapple point on the rocket behind the pizza place > wheel on the grabber machine inside > Crank the wheel

8th Red Brick – Cheat = x10 Studs – Location: Industrial district > top-left corner > Family Build > Use the laser to cut open the truck > break both gold LEGO objects & the shelf in the truck > build and use a switch

9th Red Brick – Cheat = x8 Studs – Location: Downtown lower section > Family Build > use Linguini iside the kitchen to send his favorite rat pal up the tube > Push the LEGO at the top

10th Red Brick – Cheat = x6 Studs – Location: Waterfront district right side > Family build > Construct the hopping LEGO bricks inside the mansion

11th Red Brick – Cheat = x2 Studs – Location: Up in the City Park > Family Build > Use Merida’s shooting ability on the target to open the door > smash everything and construct the hopping bricks

12th Red Brick – Cheat = Swing Mode – Location: Waterfront > Family Build > unlock Dory and a reef > wim underwater with Dory and break all the blue LEGO objects

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