Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks

Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks

Last Updated on 13 December, 2021

Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks – How to get 20 Red Bricks in the game (Studs, lego objects, and more)

There are x20 Red Bricks. The red bricks grant the character the ability to purchase special effects at the Holoscape terminals (on each island: Jurassic Park and Jurassic World). To be able to use the effects: click on the menu in the extras section.

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Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks – Studs

  • x2 Studs: Location: Jurassic Park 1- Visitor Center / Behind building > large closed door > open with an electric rifle (left) >. Go inside with someone who can light it up. cheat code 5MZ73E.. Cost: 1,000,000 studs
  • x4 Studs: Location: Jurassic Park 2- The Lost World- Hunting Plains / Vehicle pad > get a gyrosphere > drive it up to the dinosaur pad > it will be a launch pad > Drive over it > get a dinosaur that can scream to break it. Cost: 2,000,000 studs
  • x6 Studs: Location: Jurassic Park 3- Isla Sorna Aviary. / (Access the Dino Pad) 70 gold needed > Abandoned building walk down stairs > use dinosaur pad > call in a Pteranodon > interact with red lever > control will be switched to a Pteranodon baby > you’re halfway down > switch back to the main Pteranodon > let go of the red lever > with the baby dinosaur > when you can’t go any further > pull the red lever again > you will get access to the red brick. Cost: 3,000,000 studs
  • x8 Studs: Location: Jurassic Park 1- Herbivore Territory / Go to the building that has a pipe sticking > crush the rock with dinosaurs > enter the tunnel > will be located in the back of the pipe. Cost: 4,000,000 studs
  • x10 Studs: Location: Jurassic World- Indominus Territory / Dinosaur pad > call in the I-Rex > Go to the big gate > it will close when the dinosaurs get next to it > Use the I-Rex ability to camoflauge > past the camera > inside will be a cage with bars > open with a T-Rex or I-Rex. Cost: 5,000,000 studs

Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks – Detectors

  • Minikit Detector: Location: Jurassic World- East Boardwalk / Pachycephalosaurus Arena > switch to a Velociraptor > pull the red switch on the wall with it > switch to a Dilophosaurus and spit on the 8 targets > obtain the red brick. Cost: 200,000 studs
  • Red Brick Detector: Location: Jurassic Park 1- Tyrannosaurus Territory / Go dinosaur pad > spawn a T-Rex or I-Rex > Look for a cage > open it > red brick inside. Cost: 200,000 studs
  • Gold Brick Detector: Location: Jurassic Park 2- The Lost World- Long Grass Territory / Near dinosaur pad > find a smelling area for a Velociraptor > Follow the trail > come across a red brick.. Cost: 200,000 studs
  • Amber Brick Detector: Location: Jurassic Park 3- Ankylosaurus Territory / Large egg area > find 3 eggs > unlock the red brick inside of one of them. Cost: 200,000 studs

Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks – Cheats

  • Invincibility: Invincible to damage. Location: Jurassic World- Isla Nublar Aviary / Go into the aviary > use the dinosaur pad > spawn a Pteranodon > Go to the blue platform > pull it to start a 1:30 race > find a red switch to pull on each platform > it will break the blue cage holding the red brick. Cost: 5,000,000 studs
  • Fast Build: Allows you to build objects out of lego bricks quickly. Location: Jurassic Park 3- Spinosaurus Territory / Close to logs and rocks > small maze-like area with a red block inside > you will have to be small > using the Compsognathus or the compy mode effect. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • Attract Studs: Attracts studs from a farther distance. Location: Jurassic Park 1- Carnivore Territory / Look for a large egg > find 3 eggs to get the red brick inside. First egg – behind the vine which can be obtained by anyone with a knife/raptor claw. Second egg is on top of the tree stern, use a raptor to remove the electricity from the poles and then swing from them onto the tree. Third egg use a custom made dinosaur with the ability to scream, such as a Velociraptor with a T-Rex head. > Bring 3 eggs to the main nest > get the red brick. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • Collect Ghost Studs: Allows you to obtain the transparent studs you see in various areas. Location: Jurassic World- West Boardwalk / T-Rex observatory > interact with the Jurassic World access panel > elevator will come up > move down > shoot the blue diamond with electric rifle > control a T-Rex > open up a red colored lock > between you and rocks (look like stairs) > up stairs > up the ladder > red block there. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • Compy Mode: Makes all characters small like the Compsognathus. Location: Jurassic World- Mosasaurus Arena / Glass observatory > interact with the dinosaur pad > switch to the Mosasaurus > scream and break three different rocks > get the red brick. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • Destroy on Contact: Destroys all lego objects on contact. Location: Jurassic World- Safari Plains / Follow the path > under a small bridge >across a small building with a Velociraptor lever > jump onto the sunscreen with a female character > get the red brick. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • 8-Bit Music: Changes the background music into 8-bit style. Location: Jurassic Park 1- Dilophosaurus Territory / Inside the area > break the cracked tree > log at the end of the enclosed space > use a Dilophosaurus to show a plant stern in the ground > Use a character who can water plants and a flower > they will grow > red brick inside. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • Nedry Disguises: Puts Hawaiian shirts and shorts on all characters. Location: Jurassic Park 1- Triceratops Territory / Talk to the female woman next to an x-ray of a triceratops > break the crates next to the house > build a computer from the parts > use a technician to go into the x-ray scanner > click on the head, body, and hind legs > red brick will appear next to the house. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • Fast Interact: Interact much faster with control panels. Location: Jurassic World- Gyrosphere Valley / Go to an amber colored object > break it using a T-Rex > via the nearby dinosaur pad > build a Velociraptor railing > switch to a Dilophosaurus and destroy the rock > red brick afterwards. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • Hybrid Disguises: Dresses up all characters in dinosaur costumes. Location: Jurassic Park 1- Gallimimus Territory / Go to the automatic dino feeder > break the crate in front of it > build a Velociraptor bar from the lego > get a human character to the other side of the machine, and rotate the lever > interact with the Velociraptor bar and let go of it > studs will drop > repeat this process two times more > get red brick at third rotation. Cost: 100,000 studs
  • Helium Voices: All characters and dinosaurs in the game will have high-pitched voices. Location: Jurassic Park 2- The Lost World- Stegosaurus Territory / Switch to a dinosaur that can break cracked objects > be ready for a quick race > break one of the walls > go quickly begin to break the other two > jump onto the next area via the jumping platform on the left side of the cliff > break the other two > red brick will appear. Cost: 100,000 studs

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