Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga Red Bricks

Lego Star War Red Bricks

Last Updated on 13 December, 2021

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga Red Bricks – How to get the all red bricks, and unlock Cheats (Studs, invincibility, treasures, and more)


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Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga red bricks – Episode 1

  • Chapter 1 > Red Brick 1 > Super Gonk

In the final hanger room > use the force on a chamber located below the door > be able to jump to the door > use R2 to enter the door > Red Block is inside a chamber > use Jar-Jar for his jump ability > jump on the two chambers on the side > will fall apart revealing two switches > step on these switches to receive the brick.

  • Chapter 2 > Red Brick 2 > Poo Money

Use the bounty hunter panel > located behind one of the pillars that you need Jar-Jar to jump on > will unveil a hidden room that contains the brick > after all of the pillars.

  • Chapter 3 > Red Brick 3 > Walkie Talkie

Disable On the top of the roof > at the beginning of the level > destroy everything on the roof > get all of the pieces > build all of the blocks > put them in the right order (see diagram).

1 3

2 4
A goes into Hole 1, B into 2, C in 3, etc.

  • Chapter 4 > Red Brick 4 > Power

Brick Detector First area with the pits > located to the left hand side > approach this area stay to the left > don’t hit the three power ramps > have at least 3 times to get this during normal mode > as many as you need during Free Play > as long as you don’t come in first.

  • Chapter 5 > Red Brick 5 > Super Slap

Large open room > see tables and chairs > use the force one (they are closest to the statue) > use the force to set up the table and chairs > destroy the statue revealing a switch > step on the switch to uncover the plates and cups > use the force to move the cups and plates > those are on the table destroy the entire table > it is destroyed > receive the brick.

  • Chapter 6 > Red Brick 6 > Force Grapple Leap

First thing with Darth Maul > right before you enter the next room > jump up on the yellow platforms > use the force to send the characters up (computer will jump on the other to send you) > use the storm trooper door > enter the room > destroy all the enemies > then step on the little black things on the floor > they are all lit up it uncovers the brick > look for the Brick.

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga red bricks – Episode 2

  • Chapter 1 > Red Brick 7 > Stud Magnet

First area that you are trapped behind the force fields > turn to your right > along the side of a building > will be antenna’s that have red on the top of them > shoot all of them so they turn green (they will turn back to red) > once they are green a Red Balloon will appear from underneath you > shoot it with a bomb > you will get the brick.

  • Chapter 2 > Red Brick 8 > Disarm Troopers

Behind the Stormtrooper door > is right outside > meet Jango > enter the room > use the force on the lights > are right when you walk in > don´t use the force on the speakers on the wall > enter the main room > see two circles lit on the floor > step on one of the circles > the A.I. will step on the other > causing two more to appear > repeat this step > until the entire floor is lit up > will receive the brick > also be treated to a Disco (one of the 3) that plays the Theme.

  • Chapter 3 > Red Brick 9 > Character Studs

Outside > area right after you move the platforms around to get C-3PO across > see an opening > is covered by a white grate > destroy this > enter the opening going all of the way back > will be entered into a room that has red force field ways surrounding it > take control of R2 > go to the left to the panel > activate the panel > opens up the force field around > another panel in the back left > repeat this until all 4 panels are activated > it will show you where the next one is located > once all 4 are used the field around the brick will disappear.

  • Chapter 4 > Red Brick 10 > Perfect Deflect

Under the metal thing > has to be destroyed > thermal detonator once destroyed > build-it will appear > build the thing > block will appear.

  • Chapter 5 > Red Brick 11 > Exploding Blaster Bolts

Brick is sitting out in the open > located right after the first gate > has to be destroyed > beams right in a row > must pass > once passed these 3 beams > notice a pillar of rock on the right hand side next to the edge > block is located behind that.

  • Chapter 6 > Red Brick 12 > Force Pull

In the final room > use a thermal detonator in the right hand corner in the back of the room > there are two metal crates sitting there >the crates are destroyed > build the passage so you can travel through it >go through the passage > use the grappling hook to swing to the block > is easiest done with two people so one can distract Dooku > while the other blows up the blocks > builds the door.

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga red bricks – Episode 3

  • Chapter 1 > Red Brick 13 > Vehicle Smart Bomb

Right after you go through the cargo hold of a Star Destroyer > go through you will be facing the bridge of another Star Destroyer > as soon as you go around the bridge > will see the brick floating on the left hand side of the screen.

  • Chapter 2 > Red Brick 14 > Super Astromech

Area that you have to run away from a wall > go all the way to the end where the wall stops > use R2 to send the wall back to the beginning > head back up the passage but stick to the right side of the screen > will come across a hole that has a metal covering too it >use a thermal detonator on it > drop down the hole to receive the brick.

  • Chapter 3 > Red Brick 15 > Super Jedi Slam

Inside of a room at the top of the level > lego bricks that make up part of the wall (Can be seen on the lower round platform you start on) > get to the top of that hill > once on the top > float over to the other side of the gap > head right > come across a bridge leading to the right hand side of the screen (The bridge can be seen from the round platform if you go to the very back) > go across the bridge into a room > use the force to remove the holdings on the center object > Red Brick will appear inside.

  • Chapter 4 > Red Brick 16 > Super Thermal Detonator

Close to the beginning of the level > right after you cross the bridge that you have to lower > will be a path that leads off to the right side of the screen > go up this path > use the Dark Force to destroy the cage > once that is destroyed switch to a Bounty Hunter > then throw a thermal detonator at the metal metal cylinders > once those are destroyed the brick will appear.

  • Chapter 5 > Red Brick 17 > Deflect Bolts

Takes a little bit of work to get to > located in the room > pull the switchs to move the arm away from the door to continue > pull the 3 switches on the right hand side of the wall in order to move the arm away from the door > when is moved jump on to the arm(it will be straight ahead from the 3rd switch) > jump over to the platform > keep jump all the way around > reach the far left side > jump over the blue wall > deactivate the blue barries surrounding the other three switches > pull all 3 of these switches > will cause a second arm to move up > go back to where the first arm was and jump up on it and to the platform > move all the way around again like you are going to jump over the blue walls again > instead jump to the second platform > on this platform jump up again > will receive the brick > Extra: you do not have to go all the way back around > can jump on the small part of the second arm that is connected to the wall to make it up to the last platform.

  • Chapter 6 > Red Brick 18 > Dark Side

Room with the countdown timer > first put up all of the support beams around the room (3 total) to give yourself more than enough time > on the left side of the room near the back > see an R2 panel > activate the panel > see the brick sitting on the back of the table.

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga red bricks – Episode 4

  • Chapter 1 > Red Brick 19 > Super Blasters

Storm Trooper or the Bounty Hunter door > make your way to the red force field > use C-3P0 to deactivate it > deactivate > make your way to the door straight ahead > get in the room use the force on the very first shower thing to your right > after the plants grow > destroy all of them in the planter > will recevei the brick.

  • Chapter 2 > Red Brick 20 > Fast Force

Beginning of the level > get to the area right > have to destroy the rock to get up to your ledge turn to your right > will be a small path > go on it that you do not fall down the hole > see metal objects across the gap > switch to a bounty hunter > throw a thermal detonator across the gap > float across the gap with R2/Bounty Hunter > across the gap > on the right hand side there are 3 blocks > stack the blocks with the force > jump up the boxes > double jump over to the highest rock directly across from the boxes > on the rock > use R2/Bounty Hunter to float across to the rock where the cart is > push the cart off of the rock > this will send it down the tracks into the wooden fence that is blocking the block > follow the track down to the block.

  • Chapter 3 > Red Brick 21 > Super Lightsabers

Gate at the end of the first area > on the left hand side of the screen there are trash cans > use the force to remove the lids from the trash cans > then use the force to remove the pieces from inside of them > the pieces are out > build the door > the door is built use the R2 panel > door will then open revealing the brick.

  • Chapter 4 > Red Brick 22 > Tractor Beam

Behind a door that is locked with an R2 panel > hall way after the “control room” > see a blue coin straight ahead > do not jump over the gap instead > go to the door on the left > through the door > you are heading up the next hallway > on your left (you will see it once you enter the door) > after activating the panel > use R2 to float across the gap to reach the grapple pad > use the grapple pad to reach the brick.

  • Chapter 5 > Red Brick 23 > Invincibility

At right > the beginning of the level > exit the trash compacter > left side of the hallway there is a C-3PO panel (If you have went through the blast doors, you have went too far) > activate the panel and enter the door > leads you to another trash compactor > on the left side > there are pieces sitting on the ground > build them > makes a Refrigerator type thing > use the force on the door and the block is inside.

  • Chapter 6 > Red Brick 24 > Score x2

End of the level > after the trench run > located where the exhaust port is > once in that area destroy the turrets > do not have to worry about the firing at you > enter the area it > located on the back right corner > an alcove there that hides the block > just fly into the corner to receive it.

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga red bricks – Episode 5

  • Chapter 1 > Red Brick 25 > Self-Destruct

Behind the second Tie-Fighter Gate > through the gate > continue straight ahead > make sure to grab the bomb > once you get into the third area > maneuver carefull past the enemies to the wall in the back > destroy the wall with the bomb to get the brick.

  • Chapter 2 > Red Brick 26 > Fast Build

In the final hanger > where you have to release the Falcon > behind the top left blue forcefield > release this > right before you enter the final hanger door > there is a path going off to the left > use the Dark Force to pull down > steps along the wal > otherwise you will just slide back down the hill > you get to the top > turn to your right and enter the door > inside the there is a switch on the left side of the room and the right side > one of the switches reveals 3 sets of 3 green > yellow circles > will unlock the mini-kit > the other will show 3 sets of 3 red > white circles and will unlock the brick.

  • Chapter 3 > Red Brick 27 > Score X4

Beginning of the level > will have to destroy the turrets on the Star Destroyers > it is located behind the bridge of ship C (See diagram)


  • Chapter 4 > Red Brick 28 > Regenerate Hearts

Behind the grate > have to use the dark force on Second Area (check it, cloud be in other site) > gate is destroyed > jump across the gap > get onto the track destroy the box that is sitting on the track to reveal the parts to a tracter > build the tracter then drive around the track as fast as you can hitting all of the lights > all of the lights are green > the block will appear above the track (Cloud be a few tries).

  • Chapter 5 > Red Brick 29 > Score X6

Beginning of the level > behind the two Stormtroopers > are firing at you > kill the Stormtroopers > fly across the gap (its too far to double jump) > with either Boba/Jango Fett or R2 > on the other side throw a thermal detonator at the gate > the gate is destroyed pick up the block.

  • Chapter 6 > Red Brick 30 > Mini-Kit Detector

Must be done in free play > located where you find R2 in the normal story mode > go through the first Bounty Hunter Door after beating Boba Fett > turn to the left down the hall > go all the way to the end of the hall > at the end of the hall exit the door to the right >get out onto the platform > block will be sitting on the back of the Slave I.

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga red bricks – Episode 6

  • Chapter 1 > Red Brick 31 > Super Zapper

Room where you get Luke > on the right hand side there is block that needs built > build the block > push it on the the switch > will activate a grapple point > use the grapple point to get up to the upper part > go up the steps to the brick.

  • Chapter 2 > Red Brick 32 > Bounty Hunter Rockets

Top of the Sail Barge > make it to the second highest platform > right before you build the ramp to go up to the gun > get to the second level > destroy the crate on the far right hand side near the edge > will reveal pieces for a grapple pad > build the grappl pad > then use the pad > on the upper level > switch in to R2 (anyone that can fly) > fly to the next platform > Repeat > one more time to receive the brick.

  • Chapter 3 > Red Brick 33 > Score x8

Second to last area of the level > after you destroy the 4 things that are holding up the force field > enter this area > see on the left hand side an area that has a block in it > push the block up against the post support to create the small door > climb through the door to go up to the next level > walk forward to collect the brick.

  • Chapter 4 > Red Brick 34 > Super Ewok Catapult

In the bunker at the end of the level > enter the main room of the bunker it is in the room on the left > activate the Stormtrooper panel on the right side of the room > go to the top platform (where the lever that you have to pull is) > go to the end of it > at the end fly across to the other platform and activate the C-3PO panel > will cause the other part of the mini-door to open > jump down from that panel > use the Dark Force on the grate in the floor > will cause a crate to pop out > push this crate to the hole in the wall > destroy the flap before you can push it in > crawl through the mini-door > push the block all the way back into the wall > lights on each side of the red force field will light up > they are at the top you can jump in > receive the brick.

  • Chapter 5 > Red Brick 36 > Score x10

On the emperor’s throne > at beginning of the level > can do this in Story mode > hit the emperor enough times so he jumps away from the throne so you have to chase after him > has left > use the Dark force on the 8 lights on the wall > are 4 on the left > 4 on the right side of the throne > light 4 of them run to the other side > light those 4 > might take a few tries as the lights do go off > all 8 are lit the block appears above the throne.

  • Chapter 6 > Red Brick 35 > Infinite Torpedoes

Core Room > enter the core room make sure you have two torpedoes with you > on the left hand side > see a door that has two things that need to be destroyed with torpedoes > destroy both of them > door is destroyed > fly into the opening to get the brick.

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