MHR Iridescent Bismuth Prisms – How To Obtain Them

mhr iridescent bismuth prisms

Last Updated on 24 January, 2023

MHR Iridescent Bismuth Prisms – This article will teach you how to obtain the Iridescent Bismuth Prisms in MHR Sunbreak.

The most recent update to the game is called Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. For endgame gamers, this expansion introduced a completely new set of quests. These quests offer Rewards and resources that the player can use to build their armor to the highest Level and quality. The Iridescent Bismuth Prisms are one such resource that players will need to obtain. I’ll explain how to obtain the iridescent bismuth prisms in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in this guide.

MHR Iridescent Bismuth Prisms – How To Obtain Them?

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Iridescent Bismuth Prisms can be obtained by mining Iridescent Ores in Lava Caverns. Iridescent Ores are stunning Rainbow geometrically symmetric Mineral Outcrops that spawn in various Lava Cavern areas. They can be mined for 2 Bismuth Prisms. These ores are the purple markers on the map, trying to make them easy to find. To find the Iridescent Bismuth Ores, visit the following areas in Lava Caverns:

– Just north of Area 10, next to the Camp.
– In the underground section near Lava, northeast of Area 13.
– Area 8’s southwest.
– Area 6 is located just north of the Camp.
– Another is in Area 6, but to the south of the second camp, near the Broken Bridge.

You can obtain the Bismuth Prisms from the Iridescent Ores by going to these locations. In Lava Caverns, the Iridescent Ores are a reliable source of Kamura Points. Include mining these Ores along the paths of your farming sessions if you’re looking to farm for Kamura Points. You can use this to purchase a variety of items, including meals, buddy activities, and tickets for cooking for Dango.

The Iridescent Bismuth Prisms in MHR Sunbreak were the main focus of this topic. You’ve hopefully benefited from this guidance.

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