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Noita Alchemy Recipes Wiki

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Noita Alchemy Recipes Wiki – Alchemy is the mixing art to create new substances, there are many different of them in the game.

Over time alchemy has been used to mix different reagents and achieve a completely different end result.

Noita Alchemy Recipes Wiki – Intro

In Noita, most of the reagents are in the liquid state, and these can be combined with other similar ones or with solid materials. When mixed you will produce new elements which you can use in battles or as abilities. If you are patient, you will be able to create all the new elements and know their usefulness. Most of the reactions are caused by the player we control, others will be shown in the game.

Player will start with the ability to perform this type of reaction, there are 3 kinds:

  • Low- damage Wand: shoots projectiles like Spark Bolt, Energy Sphere or Spitter Bolt (can reduce powders, silcence, and more).
  • Explosive Wand: spells such as Bomb, Firebolt or Magic Missile (can remove chunks of terrain, ignite flammable materials).
  • Potion: every time use it, you could have the possibility to change something to be helpfull to the player or harmful to enemies.

Noita Alchemy Recipes Wiki – Know Recipes

There are base ingredients and catalysts, some ingredients (marked with *) are not consumed in the transforming process.

  • (evaporates): (Base) Acid + (Catalysts) Teleportatium > A small amount of teleportatium evaporated a large volume of acid.
  • Alchemic Precursor > Three ingredients are randomly generated on each seed.
  • Ambrosia (+ Poison): (Base) Honey + (Catalysts) Diamond
  • Berserkium: (Base) Whiskey + (Catalysts) Frog Meat (corpse of a Konna / Jättikonna)*
  • Brass (+ Smoke): (Base) Copper + (Catalysts) Teleportatium
  • Chaotic Polymorphine: (Base) Polymorphine + (Catalysts) Toxic Sludge*
  • Chaotic Polymorphine: (Base) Toxic Sludge + (Catalysts) Polymorphine*
  • Concentrated Mana: (Base) Water + (Catalysts) Concentrated Mana* > Because, Water + Toxic Sludge > More Water. You can do. Toxic Sludge to Water then Water to Concentrated Mana.
  • Copper (+ Smoke): (Base) Silver + (Catalysts) Polymorphine
  • Diamond (+ Smoke): (Base) Silver + Copper + (Catalysts) Blood
  • Draught of Midas: (Base) Alchemic Precursor + (Catalysts) Meat
  • Freezing Vapour: (Base) Teleportatium / Unstable Teleportatium + (Catalysts) Fire
  • Fire: (Base) Teleportatium / Unstable Teleportatium + (Catalysts) Concentrated Mana* > The fire will burn parts of the Teleportatium into Freezing Vapour.
  • Flummoxium: (Base) Worm Pheromone + (Catalysts) Worm Blood
  • Fools Gold: (Base) Urine + (Catalysts) Lava
  • Guiding Powder: (Base) Unstable Teleportatium + (Catalysts) Flummoxium
  • Gunpowder (active): (Base) Acceleratium / Levitatium / Hastium + (Catalysts) Slime > This can and will kill you if you get damaged while standing in a pool of potion with the Slime Blood Perk
  • Gunpowder (active): (Base) Healthium / Lively Concoction + (Catalysts) Purifying Powder
  • Hastium: (Base) Acceleratium + (Catalysts) Levitatium > Gives you both potion effects, but at half the duration per drink.
  • Levitatium: (Base) Metal Powder (Gold/ Copper/ Brass/ Silver) or Diamond + (Catalysts) Flummoxium
  • Lively Concoction > Three ingredients are randomly generated on each seed. (see #more info below)
  • Metal Dust (+ Smoke): (Base) Brass + (Catalysts) Unstable Teleportatium
  • Mysterious Fungus: (Base) Fungus Blood(evaporates quickly) + (Catalysts) Toxic Sludge and Sand
  • Mysterious Fungus: (Base) Mysterious Fungus + (Catalysts) Toxic Sludge or Sand
  • Peat: (Base) Swamp + (Catalysts) Toxic Sludge
  • Pheromone: (Base) Flummoxium + (Catalysts) Berserkium
  • Purifying Powder: (Base) Brass + (Catalysts) Diamond
  • Purifying Powder (+ Smoke): (Base) Diamond + Silver + (Catalysts) Worm Blood
  • Rotten Meat: (Base) Meat + (Catalysts) Poison
  • Salt: (Base) Brine + (Catalysts) Fire
  • Shock Powder: (Base) Brass + (Catalysts) Liquid Fire
  • Slime Mist: (Base) Slime + (Catalysts) Water*
  • Silver (+ Smoke): (Base) Diamond + (Catalysts) Chaotic Polymorphine
  • Silver (+ Smoke): (Base) Gold (Powder) + (Catalysts) Chaotic Polymorphine
  • Silver (+ Smoke): (Base) Copper + Brass + (Catalysts) Water
  • Slime (+ Smoke): (Base) Blood + (Catalysts) Poison
  • Slime Mist: (Base) Slime + (Catalysts) Fire
  • Smoke: (Base) Slime + (Catalysts) Whiskey*
  • Smoke: (Base) Cement + (Catalysts) Lava > Both solid and liquid forms of cement will react.
  • Smoke: (Base) Peat + (Catalysts) Lava
  • Steam: (Base) Any metal + (Catalysts) Concentrated Mana* > Useful in the later biomes where steel is more present. Be careful, as this also applies to both powder gold and gold nuggets.
  • Swamp: (Base) Toxic Sludge + (Catalysts) Mud* > This can be a substitute for water, but peat grows on top which does not behave similarly to water.
  • Swamp: (Base) Toxic Sludge + (Catalysts) Swamp* > This can be used to create large volumes of swamp from pools of sludge.
  • Teleportatium: (Base) Unstable Teleportatium + (Catalysts) Slime > Unstable Teleportatium will quickly convert the newly created normal Teleportatium back into Unstable unless only very small quantities of Unstable are used.
  • Teleportatium: (Base) Water + (Catalysts) Wizard stone
  • Unstable Polymorphine: (Base) Flummoxium + (Catalysts) Oil and Blood
  • Unstable Teleportatium: (Base) Teleportatium + (Catalysts) Whiskey*
  • Unstable Teleportatium: (Base) Teleportatium + (Catalysts) Unstable Teleportatium*
  • Void Liquid: (Base) Toxic Sludge + (Catalysts) Worm Blood and Fungus Powder
  • Void Liquid: (Base) Diamond + (Catalysts) Chaotic Polymorphine+ Toxic Sludge
  • Water: (Base) “Impure” + (Catalysts) Purifying Powder*
  • Water: (Base) Invisiblium + (Catalysts) Water* > Making water doubly dangerous to players using Invisiblium.
  • Water: (Base) Toxic Sludge + (Catalysts) Water* > Use this to create large volumes of water from pools of sludge.
  • Worm Blood: (Base) Freezing Liquid + (Catalysts) Worm Blood*

Some less-useful mixes:

  • Steam > Water + Fire
  • Ice > Water + Freezing Liquid
  • Rock > Water + Lava
  • Dense Rock > Freezing Liquid + Lava
  • Toxic Rock (causes damage on contact) > Toxic Sludge + Lava
  • Poisonous Rock (similar to Toxic Rock) > Poison + Lava
  • Volcanic Rock > Blood + Lava
  • Ground > Mud + Lava
  • Glowing Matter > Brine + Lava

Lively Concoction

Powerfull healing potion, heals more than Healthium.

Alchemic Precursor

indispensable reagent for creating the elusive Draught of Midas.

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