Noita Best Mods (2023)

Noita Best Mods

Last Updated on 18 August, 2023

Noita Best Mods – Multiplayer, Cheat Gui, Selectable Classes, Arcane Alchemy, More Shop, Health Containers, No hit Mode, Lukki Spiderwalk and more

Noita Best Mods – Multiplayer Mod

This mod allows to play with friends

Download the Multiplayer Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Cheat Gui Mod

The best mod for cheaters

Download the Cheat Gui Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Selectable Classes Mod

This mod aims to fix how tedious starting a new run can be by giving the player the choice of a starting loadout, which dramatically changes the initial level experience without forcing the player to “reroll” their loadout by starting a new game as in other randomized loadout mods.

There are currently ten classes:

  • Noita (default)
  • Pyromancer
  • Cryomancer
  • Tesla
  • Whirligig
  • Hunter
  • Gambler
  • Mutant
  • Miner
  • Doomsayer
  • More planned!

Download the Selectable Classes Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Arcane Alchemy Mod

This mod adds new potions and alchemic reactions and hopefully more alchemy related stuff in the future! We hope you have fun with this mod

Download the Arcane Alchemy Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Quality of Life Mod

Quality of Life is a mod that aims to reduce the unfairness of Noita by changing, adding and nerfing a wide range of enemies and mechanics. Over 20 individual issues are addressed by this mod, which is too many to list here in a concise manner. Instead, a comprehensive list of the issues addressed, and the solutions that this mod uses to address those issues, can be found in the CHANGES_MADE.txt file in the mod folder.

Download the Quality of Life Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Noita_RP_Mod Mod

Particle Effects Overhaul. new effects on wands, changed world behavior and much more, featuring

  • All new effects on all wands.
  • Changed world behavior, how the enviorment reacts to explosions etc.
  • Longer life_time on each particles.
  • Added physics to “fake” particles.
  • Changed jetpack effect
  • And much more!

Download the Noita_RP_Mod Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Noita Enhanced Mod

Tons of add-ons: Spells, perks, Jetpack, Altars, magical stones, starter wands, 1st floor wands, workshops and more

Download the Noita Enhanced Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Roguelite Vision Mod

Rogue-style line of sight (lite version)

Download the Roguelite Vision Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Health Containers Mod

Health Containers is a simple, quality of life mod that gives slain enemies a chance of dropping a health container. Health containers will restore a small amount of HP when picked up.

Config settings can be found in ‘config.lua’ in the ‘health_container’ mod folder. If no health containers are dropping, try moving the mod up in your mods list. Make sure this mods folder is titled ‘health_container’ in your mods directory

Download the Health Containers Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – More Shop Mod

Increase the number of wands and spells sold to the shop to 6 and 12

Download the More Shop Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – Anvil of Destiny Mod

Adds a semi-rare room with an anvil to most biomes, where you can improve your wands! Just open your inventory and drag your wands out to throw them onto the anvil. Each anvil can only be used once by default, but you can find multiple per run. If you want to use a tablet it needs to be added before the 2nd wand, because 2 wands is already a valid recipe and will start the forging. Otherwise the order in which you add items doesn’t matter.

Download the Anvil of Destiny Mod > Here

Noita Best Mods – New Weathers Mod

This mod enables a lot of weathers which were actually planned for the game, but were never implemented! Meteor Shower, Death Ray, Lightning Storm, Earth Quakes, Blood Moon, Droughts, Locust Infestation, Frog Plague, Blizzards, Sand Storms, Water to Blood Curse, Blood to Acid Curse, Water to Poison Curse, Corpses to Poison Curse and more

Download the New Weathers Mod > Here

No Hit Mode Mod

Adds a new mode to the game called No-hit mode. You die in one hit. Don’t get hit.

Download the No Hit Mode Mod > Here

No Gold Despawns Mod

Disables the lifespan in gold nugget objects so they’ll persist until collected.

A side effect of this that you’ll come to notice is that you’ll end up stumbling on gold drops from enemies who died before you reached them, resulting in more gold pickups overall. It’s up to you to decide whether this affects your game balance too much or not.

Download the No Gold Despawns Mod > Here

Lukki Spiderwalk Mod

Modifies Perk: Lukki Mutation. Trades flying for nimble spiderlegs, able to scale walls and quickly traverse difficult terrain.

When I first picked up the perk Lukki Mutation, I was disappointed. It seemed very obvious to me that it should have allowed me to stick to walls. Apparently it was so obvious that before I managed to finish my mod, Skratic already released a mod very similar to this.

Download the Lukki Spiderwalk Mod > Here

Passive Regeneration Plus Perk and Respawn Mod

Add passive regeneration with many options, a perk to boost LP regeneration and a respawn function

  • Weak passive HP recovery and many options to adjust the regeneration.
  • Perk to increase the passive HP regeneration.
  • Respawn function

Download the Passive Regeneration Plus Perk and Respawn Mod > Here

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