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Last Updated on 18 May, 2023

Noita Perks Wiki – Spells can be found in chests, some shops and there are many different spells and effects in the game

Perks are benefits that passive skills grant, in Noita the player will get them descending the mountain, Perks will be very essencial throughout the game At the end of each holy mountain get a set of three perks (interacting with the altar)

Noita Perks Wiki – Rerolling

Perks can be rerolled using the ‘perk reroll’, going to Holy Mountain exit (structure – resembling a set of weighing scales).

Perk reroll costs 200 gold, and it will be double if you reroll it again (from 200 to 400, or from 400 to 800).

Noita Perks Wiki – Stacking

Perks can be repeatedly going to Parallel Worlds or using reroll altar.

Noita Perks Wiki – Normals

  • Critical Hit + > Increased critical hit chance. Stacks Yes
  • Breathless > You can no longer drown, and can move in liquids with ease. Stacks Yes
  • Greed > You gain 2x gold per nugget. Stacks Yes
  • Trick Greed > 4x instead of 2x gold is dropped when death is an accident. Stacks Yes, Max 5, but not removed from the pool
  • Gold is Forever > Gold nuggets never disappear. Stacks No
  • Trick Blood Money > Blood money is dropped when death is an accident. Stacks No
  • Exploding Gold > Nuggets of gold explode once they expire or are picked up. Stacks No
  • Strong Levitation > You can fly 100% longer. Stacks Yes
  • Faster Levitation > You levitate 75% faster. Stacks Yes
  • Faster Movement > Your movement speed is increased. Stacks Yes
  • Low Gravity > All creatures, you included, have lower personal gravity. Stacks Yes
  • High Gravity > All creatures, you included, have higher personal gravity. Stacks Yes
  • Never Skip Leg Day > Your kicks deal extra damage and knockback. Stacks Yes
  • Telekinetic Kick > You gain new telekinetic powers. Stacks No
  • Repelling Cape > Stains drop at a fast rate (when moving). Stacks Yes Max 8
  • Exploding Corpses > Enemies explode upon death, but you gain immunity to explosive damage. Stacks No
  • Saving Grace > If you would die and have more than 1 HP, your HP is set to 1 instead. Stacks No
  • Invisibility > You’re invisible. Stains, casting spells, kicking and taking damage removes the effect temporarily. Stacks No
  • More Blood > Blood blood blood. Stacks Yes
  • All-Seeing Eye > You can now see everywhere. Stacks No
  • Levitation Trail > Flying leaves a trail of magical sparks that harm passing creatures. Stacks Yes
  • Vampirism > You lose 25% maximum health, but can replenish health by drinking blood. Blood doesn’t affect satiation level. Stacks No
  • Extra Health (One-off) > 50% extra maximum health. Stacks Yes
  • Stronger Hearts > Hearts bestow double the maximum HP. Stacks Yes Max 9
  • Glass Cannon > Your spells deal 5x damage and have larger blast ranges, but your maximum health is capped to 50. Stacks Yes Max 2
  • Living on the Edge > When under 25% HP, your spells deal 3x damage. Stacks Yes Max 5
  • Extra Life > Upon death you respawn with 100 health. Stacks Yes
  • Worm Attractor > Worms of the world come to you. Stacks Yes
  • Worm Detractor > Worms of the world run from you. Stacks ?
  • Enemy Radar > Detects nearby enemies. Stacks No
  • Wand Radar > Detects nearby wands. Stacks No
  • Fire Immunity > You take no damage from fire. Stacks No
  • Toxic Immunity > You take no damage from toxic sludge and other toxic things. Stacks No
  • Explosion Immunity > You take no direct damage from explosions. Stacks No
  • Melee Immunity > You take no damage from close-range enemy attacks. Stacks No
  • Electricity Immunity > You take no damage from electric shocks. Stacks No
  • Teleportitis > Damage is reduced by 20%. Every time you take damage, you teleport away. Stacks No
  • Teleportitis Dodge > You teleport a short distance away when an enemy projectile is near. Stacks No
  • Stainless Armour > You take 50% less damage as long as you have no active stain status effect. Stacks Yes
  • Tinker with Wands Everywhere > A divine blessing allows you to tinker with wands everywhere. Stacks No
  • No Wand Tinkering > Wands cannot be tinkered with, but enemies may drop blood money. Stacks No
  • Wand Experimenter > Firing newly found and unmodified wands heals you. Stacks Yes
  • Bombs Materialized > Bomb-like spells can be placed in the ITEMS space in inventory and thrown without a wand. Stacks No
    Homing Shots > All your spells home towards enemies very slightly. Stacks No
  • Boomerang Spells > Your spells arc towards you, but gain extra speed and deal extra damage. Stacks No
  • Unlimited Spells > Most spells are now unlimited. Stacks No
  • Freeze Field > Freezes liquids around you. Stacks No
  • Gas Fire > Gases near you ignite automatically. Stacks No
  • Dissolve Powders > Sand and other soft, powdery materials dissolve quickly in your presence. Stacks No
  • Slime Blood > You bleed slime, but slime no longer slows you down and you have higher projectile resistance. Stacks Yes
  • Oil Blood > You bleed fast-burning oil, but are immune to fire. Stacks No
  • Permanent Shield > You gain a small, permanent shield. Stacks Yes Max 5
  • Revenge Explosion > You release a magical explosion upon taking damage, and gain 25% resistance against explosions. Stacks Yes
  • Revenge Tentacle > You summon a monstrous tentacle upon taking damage, and gain 25% resistance against projectiles. Stacks Yes
  • Revenge Bullets > You return projectiles back to enemies upon taking damage, and gain 20% resistance against projectiles & explosions. Stacks Yes
  • Lukki Mutation > You grow curious additional limbs that fight for you. Stacks Yes Max 3
  • Plague Rats > Enemies that die near you spawn hungry rats to serve your bidding. Stacks Yes Max 5
  • Feared by Worms > Worms run away from you, and worms and lukkis no longer destroy ground while burrowing. Stacks No
  • Projectile Repulsion Field > Most projectiles are repulsed by your presence, but you take slightly more projectile damage. Stacks Yes
  • Projectile Slower > Projectiles near you slow down. Stacks Yes
  • Projectile Repulsion Sector > Projectiles that fly into a small sector in front of you get blown away. Stacks Yes
  • Projectile Eater > Projectiles that fly into a small sector behind you disappear. Stacks No
  • Phasing > Projectiles seemingly phase through you. Stacks Yes
  • Angry Ghost > An angry spirit comes to your aid, copying nearby spells and projectiles Stacks Yes
  • Homunculus > Every time you leave a Holy Mountain, a helpful homunculus is summoned. Stacks Yes
  • Electricity > You’re immune to electric damage but metal and liquids electrify around you constantly. Look out! Stacks No
  • Attract Gold > Gold nuggets gravitate towards you. Stacks Yes Max 6
  • Extra Knockback on Spells > Your spells knock enemies back more. Stacks Yes
  • Concentrated Spells > Your spells have lower spread and extra damage, but have increased cast delay. Stacks Yes
  • Low Recoil > Recoil caused by your spells is greatly reduced, but your spells fly slightly slower. Stacks No
  • Bouncing Spells > Almost all your spells bounce around. Stacks No
  • Faster Projectiles > Your projectile spells fly faster than before. Stacks No
  • Always Cast (One-off) > Adds a random spell as “Always Cast” to the equipped wand. Stacks Yes
  • High Mana, Low Capacity (One-off) > Your one (1) currently held wand loses half its capacity, but gains more mana. Stacks Yes
  • No More Shuffle > From now on there are no more shuffling wands. The wands you carry with you turn into non-shufflers too. Stacks No
  • No More Knockback > Enemies can’t knock you back. Stacks No
  • Projectile Duplication > Your projectile spells have a chance to duplicate, but you’re more vulnerable to projectile damage Stacks Yes
  • Faster Wands (One-off) > All four (4) wands you’re currently carrying gain a bonus to their cast delay & reload time. Stacks Yes
  • Extra Wand Capacity (One-off) > All four (4) wands you’re currently carrying gain 1-3 additional spell slots (to a maximum of 25). Stacks Yes
  • Extra Perk > From now on, you will find an extra perk in every Holy Mountain. Stacks Yes Max 5
  • Perk Lottery > When you pick a perk, there’s a 50% chance the others won’t disappear. Stacks Yes
  • Extra Item in Holy Mountain > Additional item in every shop you haven’t visited. Stacks Yes Max 5
  • More Hatred > Creatures in the world are more aggressive towards each other. Stacks Yes
  • More Love > Creatures in the world are more friendly to each other. Stacks Yes
  • Peace with Gods > You make peace with your gods. Stacks No
  • Kills to Mana > Every time an enemy near you dies, you release mana-recharging liquid. Stacks No
  • Pinpointer > spells fly faster and have lower spread, and you have a handy sightline for aiming! Stacks Yes
  • Personal Plasma Beam > constantly fire a devastating plasma beam, but you fire spells much slower. Stacks Yes
  • Close Call > gain additional chance to deal critical hits as long as there are enemies near you. Stacks Yes Max 3
  • Contact Damage > Enemies near you take damage; the damage is higher the lower your health gets. Stacks No
  • Cordyceps > Fungal creatures spawn from the corpses of enemies killed by you. Stacks No
  • Eat Your Vegetables > gain more damage when more satiated (you lose health if your stomach is empty) > Stacks = No > spawns Hearty Porridge potion (percentage-based heal). To increase satiation (without getting poisoned) you can consume: Blood, Worm Blood, Meat, Hearty Porridge, or Pea Soup. Synergizes #Iron Stomach #Stainless Armour. Iron stomach enables Slime and Slimy meat.
  • Extra Potion Capacity > Potions can contain 80% more liquid (also found) , and potions you find will have that much to start with > Stacks = Yes Max 3 > (Currently removed from the game)
  • Fungal Colony > Slime near you spontaneously turns into fungal creatures > Stacks = No > Obtain potion of Slime. Collecting #Cordyceps, #Fungal Colony, and #Fungal Disease will cause mushroom head.
  • Fungal Disease > danger is close, you sprout fungal growths > Stacks Yes Max 3 > emit bursts of spore pods at a rapid rate, some circumstances will grow Blue or Weird Fungus, Collecting #Cordyceps, #Fungal Colony, and #Fungal. player´s head will transform into a mushroom. Anti-synergy = Permanent Shield or shielding spells.
  • Gamble > gain two random perks > Stacks = Yes > Perks produced by Gamble. Two random perks.
  • Gas Blood > You bleed flammable gas instead of blood > Stacks = No > toxic immunity, lowers your personal gravity a little bit, synergize: Stainless Armour,Taking this will overwrite the material bled by the player. If taken after Slime Blood, the immunity to the slowing effect of slime will be retained. The fire immunity of Oil Blood will also be retained.
  • Healthy Exploration > new area = 60 health > Stacks = No > includes areas previously visited before taking this perk. Reloading the game may refresh the record.
  • Hungry Ghost > Summons a minion (protect you against projectile) >Stacks = Yes Max 5 > “Damage Boost” buff for 4 seconds (each eaten projectile). Guide to infinite damage.
  • Item Radar > sense nearby items > Stacks = No > Sense Health Pickups,Spell Refresher,Potions and Items.
  • Lukki Minion > lukki minion help you > Stacks = No > lukki follows you. On top of an enemy (enemy will take 30 damage each second, bursts: 5 damage every 0.16 seconds).
  • Mournful Spirit > dying creatures leave behind a spirit that deals damage in a small area > Stacks = No > curse damage to enemies that contact with spirit.
  • Rage-fueled Levitation > Kill enemies makes you replenish some of your levitation power > Stacks = No.
  • Revenge Rats > When you take damage, there’s a chance that you’ll spawn a helpful rat minion > Stacks = No > Collecting #Plague Rats, #Revenge Rats, and #Spontaneous Generation will cause to grow a rat tail (increases movement speed).
  • Spontaneous Generation > vomit near you evolves into helpful rat minions > Stacks = No > vomit potion obtained. Collecting #Plague Rats, #Revenge Rats, and #Spontaneous Generation will cause to grow a rat tail (increases movement speed).
  • Summon Sädekivi > gain an artefact that allows to call the celestial rage > Stacks = Yes > Spawns a Sädekivi.
  • Iron Stomach > no suffer negative effects of eating > Stacks = No > You can eat some materials (lava, poison) they will increase satiation without exploding. Synergizes (#eat your vegetables). Anti-synergy (#Vampirism). Berserkium + water + concretated mana (maintain the effect). Poison, flummoxium, polymorphine, etc will make you resistance to that effect.

Noita Perks Wiki – Specials

Those Perks can´t be found in holy mountains, look for them carefully

  • Leggy Mutation > you grow disturbing looking limbs that fight for you > Stacks = Yes > Dropped by Leggy Mimics (Matkija). Similar Lukki´s spell, it feature human legs, requieres constantly levitate.
  • Curse of Greed > You gain 3x gold, but are terribly cursed! > Stacks = ? > turns every material into Greedcursed Rock and all liquids into Greedcursed Liquid (damage to player). Slime is save. Powders will become Greedcursed Liquid. When Greed-cursed Crystal brokes removes the curse(Holy Mountain). Cursed materials will not revert to original. Synergy with Lukki and Leggy Mutation if you use unlimited flight you may contact with GreedCursed substances less often.
  • Spatial Awareness > sense your in the mountain when you are stopped > Stacks = No > dropped by Kolmisilmän silmä. Stand 2 seconds, red dot is yout current location, triangle is the mountain, 7 larger circles: (6 Holy Mountains and Laboratory) smaller circles are essences, Huilu, Coral & Dark chests, the square is the Nullifying Alter, green dot is the friend´s room.
  • Moon Radar > sense lunar energy > Stacks = No > a white circle which is oriented towards the moon (only in Overgrown Cavern).

Noita Perks Wiki – Essences

Special perks with an unusual rotation, instead only spawn in specific locations

Be aware, it will be too dificult to get them!

Noita Perks Wiki – Nullifying Altar

The Nullifying Altar is a secret room for perks

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