Omega Strikers Tier List & Best Characters

omega strikers tier list

Last Updated on 17 May, 2023

Omega Strikers Tier List   – Best Characters ranked from Tier S to C. You can’t go wrong with these characters!

With three characters on each side, Omega Strikers includes fast-paced action with a strategic aspect. It matters a great deal which characters you select for each match; this may lead you to wonder which characters are best in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers Tier List / All characters ranked

Tier S



Tier A



Tier B



  • Era
  • Estelle

Tier C



  • Luna
  • Juno
  • Drek’Ar

Omega Strikers Tier List – Best Characters

When choosing the best character, they must excel in one of three areas: attacking, defending, and midfield. Some characters specialize in one of these areas while others can perform two or all three. We recommend checking our best build guides for each striker linked in the list above. Additionally, you can see our recommendations for the best Omega strikers below.


Asher is a strong character who can perform both offensive and defensive abilities. She can steamroll opponents with her oppressive strength and push through the opposing goalkeeper and goal with Breakthrough and Pathsplitter. These abilities give her the power to either force the goalkeeper to make a mistake or knock them out entirely.


Dubu has the best defensive kit out of any goalkeeper. His Bamboozle ability refreshes quickly, and his slow speed makes it difficult for attackers to reach him. His kit is specifically focused on keeping goals protected and attackers at a distance. Tofu Fortress’s Somerassualt ability offers a wall that can stun enemies, as well as pause the core timer. Its cooldown is much longer than the other abilities, however.


Era is considered one of the best characters in Omega Strikers due to her ability to buff and debuff enemies. Her Bewitching Beam ability can shrink opponents, making them slower and weaker. At the same time, nearby allies would grow larger and stronger. Additionally, her Magic Maelstrom special can be used to push the core in for a goal, kill unsuspecting players, or clear opponents out of space.


Estelle’s Piercing Shot, Crystal Thorn and other skills make her an exceptional striker. She can easily score with most of her kit, making her a valuable party member. Using Crystal Thorn in particular allows Estelle to cover a large area and hit multiple enemies— or even the core — with one strike.


Juliette is an arena terror due to her Flying Phoenix ability. This allows her to move around the playing field quickly, making her a versatile character. She can also push opponents back with this ability, which can lead to a knockout. Additionally, Juliette can make powerplays and harass defenders with her ability. Due to these abilities, most would assume that she’s a basic character.

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